Monday, 22 August 2016

TAFF Animated Film Felstival in Turku!

This is just a short notification post about an upcoming 
Animation festival in Turku 25-28.8 called TAFF.
We are going there to work and enjoy our first animation only festival! All though the main focus is art and adults' animations there will be shows for children as well. 
Festival contains all from workshops and student films into award winning world class animations!
Neither of us have really worked at any kind of festivals so we're both looking forward this experience.

Suomeksi vielä: Tapahtuma järjestetään Turun Manillassa ja näytökset vaihtelevat ilmaisista maksullisiin. 
Lisätietoja linkistä yläpuolella. 
Tervetuloa! :)

(Picture is from their website)

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  1. How exciting!! Have fun and take many photos to share!



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