Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Outfit: Suspicious Doll Act

*Contains a random short story by Ilar. Enjoy!*

This is private detective Baag. He is a well known detective in his own standards.
He was hired to do a job by a lady. Not by any lady, no, this one was very special for him. 

He was on a tracks of mysterious stalker that gave lady uneasy feeling when walking at home... naked. 
She... She didn't have any evidence so everything was just based on accusations but detective offered his help for free. This was a real puzzle to solve.

Detective searched...
...and searched...

...But every clue seemed to end to impasse! He was all confused how this stalker could have 
hidden their tracks so well. 

Lady was baffled by the incompetence of this detective.

He didn't know what to do. So he had to think in a most interesting positions to understand the whole picture.
The stalker didn't seem to leave any footprints... Only... 

 But then he got it. First actual clue he had seen but was just simply too stupid to realize... The dolls. Or to be more exact the pins lady had worn.

Only skillful detective could spot that the one of the pins was from the Rozen Maiden
manga which tells a story about living dolls. 

Di GI Charat one was just decoy! Clever contraption to confuse the detective!

"Oh, Baag you're an imbecil!" he yelled at himself as he figured out who the stalker was! 
He was visible all the time! Lady must be warned there was no time to waste!

He hurried.

He met lady and told her that he had solved the identity of the mysterious stalker and only one piece of the puzzle remained.

Lady didn't believe him. Not a word. 

Then he told him... It was...

The piglet.

"Are you serious" lady asked holding her laugh but detective didn't find it funny. 
"Yes." He answered calmly. "But I have found out something odd. Something I couldn't figure out."
Detective then stated thoughtfully like he was waiting for something.

"Oh and what might that be?" Lady asked incredulously.

"You're not in any trouble. In fact you've mislead me from the start!" Detective accused her. "And I seem to understand this all only just now!"

"Your ring." Detective stated looking down on her hand.

"What about it?" Lady asked.

"It is a wedding ring. Of a doll." Detective then continued.

Lady understood that she couldn't hide anymore. "It's true. We're in love!" Lady stated. 

"No, he has brainwashed you with magic pins! He's a Stalker! A horrible gruesome thing that is only manipulating you!" Detective yelled. 
Lady didn't believe him. Detective gazed down on Piglet. 
"Answer me! I know you're living!" 

"Let her go!" Detective said as threateningly as he could.
Piglet stood still for the moment but then answered with a voice you couldn't even think of. 
It sounded like burning ash and rumbling raindrops on roof. 
"She's mine. Back off, Mortal..." 
Detective stood still for a moment... He knows that voice... It's
"Kill him..." piglet ordered the lady who pulled a knife from inside the piglet. Lady had made her choice and stabbed violently detective who fell to the ground, bleeding...

Lady looked down on him with no emotion. Detective only could stutter out few words.
"I know you... I know... you.."
"Yes, mortal. I am the one with thousand faces. Bow before my true form!"'
Piglet transformed before his blurring eyes. It was Lord Butterbear.

To be continued...?


  1. This story takes a very sharp and unexpected turn near the end! :O
    I really like the visuals (photos) as the narration went on!

    1. heh, I agree :'D thank you so much, Adi!!! <3

  2. You got an undercut! I love those!

  3. Whoa this got kinda scary! Hope I don't start mistrusting all my toys now!

  4. you should do this narration thingy moreX)) AAhhhhh I've always hate cliffhanger...>:( let me know what happened next :< is piglet possessed by something...or..? ? ? there's someone behind all of those...? ? ?
    I love the balloon dress<333 kinda look preppy for me! x

    1. Hehe, thank you, Rafa! I let you know this much; the ancient demonic power called butterbear has indeed possessed the piglet. x)


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