Saturday, 20 August 2016

Outfit: Street Cubs

 Last outfit with this hair.

 Balcony is the best 
especially when it's Summer.
We hanged out with Mary the bear.

 I run out of eye shadow primer ; ^ ;
I need more!
ò A ó

 Mary is a bit shy
and it's okay.
We are too.
We can be shy together ^ - ^

 I've been DIYing this vest a lot lately.
I sew this Moomin house patch on it.

 And painted a bunch of random fantasy creatures on it.

 dress: riivari
vest: thrifted
tights: mary a. jalava
bear backpack: thrifted

 Ilar used to be big into playing instruments.
His musical weapon of choice was the bass.

 So heroic!


He's Ilar.

 Oh how I love his smile :DD
Such a happy looking fellow!

 Final result of this hair dye job.
Quite kawaii, right?

tank: thrifted
shorts: second hand + DIY


  1. Wow! I love the fantasy creature top!

  2. lOVE YOUR VEST<3333 Especially the painting on the back<3 omg such an artwork<333 your drawings are always so cute>,< Your hairstyle kinda reminds me of pippi! but with pastel hair! ^_^ Ahhh the mighty usamimi is back<33 love your hair style!
    you guys are sooo cute>,<

    1. aww ; w ; makes me so happy! thank you so much!!
      Yay! Pippi is the boss :D
      we are mighty usamimi twins ^ w ^ <3 hehe!

  3. Ihanasti kustomoitu paita piirroksineen!!! :) Todellakin oman näköinen taideteos!

    1. voi kiitos!!!! :D menin ihan sanattomaksi awww <3

  4. Love the print on your dress. Rad vest! Your dude's shirt and hat are awesome. :D

    - Anna


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