Saturday, 6 August 2016

Outfit: Northern Rainbow

 Time to go rainbow northern style.

 This dress really is a maxi dress
(as you can see ;))

 Haribo is back!
and so is Pentapox!

 This cat has the best biatch face.
Love it.

 I added some glitter on black lipstick.


 hat: old (benetton)
backpack: thrifted
dress: kill star
leggings: black milk
sneakers: second hand (adidas by jeremy scott)

 Ilar went for a lil darker rainbow style.

 And totally bananas while shooting.

 LOTR was too much for him...
Now he thinks he's an elf o . 0

 Or maybe he's just fab.
Like elves.

t-shirt: mr gugu & miss go
vest: old 
patches: maiden voyage (esty)
shoes: irregular choice
scarf: old


  1. always in love with you guys twinning up>,< hope i'm gonna find a person to match my outfits with!:)

    I loooove your backpack!! it's so cute! and is it transparent in the stomach!?! it's so cute>,< bear with transparent stomach!
    your hairdo in this post reminds me of the girl i drew in my collage entrance exam!! fuzzy twintails! wish my hair is thick enough to get that kind of twintails;_;
    seeing you guys dressing up as rainbow kinda reminds me of pink floyd's dark side of the moon album..^^

    1. awww thank you >//w//< and I hope so too <3 :D

      Haha :D yeah! I was so excited about the bear's tummy too

      aww thank you so much and I really think your hair is so cute! in both short and long style <3

      that's such a wonderful compliment!! thank you so much, dear Rafa * w *

  2. Ihana kissamekko! :) And as said, awesome backpack that gives a peek of what's inside! ;)

    1. voi kiitos!!!!! ^ w ^ haha yeah :D love that about it too <3

  3. Sheer joy, love the color!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. super happy to hear that ^_______ ^ <3 thank you!

  4. Gosh, I love that dress! I've seen it in black and white but never rainbow!

    1. Rainbow is my colour of choice :D so glad you like it, Laura <3 thank you!!

  5. Love all the colors. <3 Rad dress! Your dude's hair is awesome! :D

    - Anna

    1. awww thank you, Anna ^ w ^ <3 I love his hair too :DD


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