Monday, 29 August 2016

Outfit: Ew Boys


These badges were the point of this outfit (to me:))
I lllove jokes and silliness and being weird.
I've never been into "boy bands"...

I bought these badges as a souvenir for a friend 
because she had said that she thought they were cute
(her fave was Harry... but of course!)
I thought it was hilarious!
She was not impressed... maybe she already had a new boy band in mind.

But she was sneaky. 
When she was leaving my house, she said she forgot something downstairs.
We waited upstairs.
When me and my sis went downstairs the next day we found the badges on the table :'D
It was the funniest!
I never spoke about it to her.
And I've treasured the boys ever since.
They make me laugh :D 
 The best gift I ever gave to anyone.

 See the white board in the background.
It's a Pokémon Gym.

Kid you not.

Taste like sea!

 So yeah.
It was a typical shooting day for us.
It stared raining... see my hair ^ w ^;
So a couple of pics at home sweet home.

 I really liked how my lips turned out.
I mixed a few different shades (nude + white) and gold pigment.

hat: thrifted
shirt: second hand
vest: thrifted + DIY
skirt: thrifted
tights: old
backpack: old


  1. Wow! Love the gold lips! Wonder if my old gold lipstick is still around...

    1. yeah gold lips are so much fun :D hope you can find it! and thank you <3

  2. your outfit kinda reminds me of street dancer's style in here^^ snapback, tied shirt in waist, and vest^^
    cute big gem on your forehead<3 usually people wear the smol one lol^^ but you wearing the biggy one is sooo cute<3
    AH! I've been doing the 'gold cupid's arrow' a lot lately, it really flatters my lips..<3

    I'm not really into boybands (even, young boy rock-bands lol) (((i like dad bands))) ((((lol))))

    1. :D haha, I didn't even think of that! but yeah that's true :'D thanks Rafa <3

      yay ^ - ^ <3 hope I can find pics of that lips look on your blog!!!

      dad bands!!!!!! awwww ; w ;


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