Sunday, 14 August 2016

Outfit: Chill Summer Charm

 Chilly summer in Finland.

 People just looove this coat!
I'm not kidding when I say that every time I wear it
at least one person compliments it.
(and it's not just Ilar ;))

 This coat is super lovely but the most difficult to wear here in North. It doesn't keep me warm in the Spring 
but it's too hot to wear in Summer.

This day it was a lil chilly so this coat was perfect.
Unfortunately I rarely wear this coat.
I think it'd be perfect to wear somewhere in Mediterranean when it's "chilly"
; - )

 I bought this coat 4 years ago when I visited Paris.
It's by Desigual. 

I had my eye on one coat that had naked statues in its print.
They didn't have it anymore... : ' (

Happy to have this one still!

 Casual mosquitoe hate...

 See how greenish Splat's Aqua Rush turns 
when your hair has a lil bit of a yellow shade.
Love that shade aqua green shade tho ^ w *

 Coat: Desigual (old)
leggings: Black milk
backpack: thrifted
lips: colour pop (koala + mr blonde)

 Ilar deals better with the cold 
but it was a jacket weather for him too.

 Also a scarf was welcome aboard

 Hair update:

 Looking good.

hat: christy's london
goggles: second hand
jacket: second hand (rip grandpa)
scarf: old
pants: gift
shoes: irregular choice
brooch: DIY


  1. Wow! That is an amazing coat!

  2. GAaaahhh you should've tried our country definition of summer, it's more like a hellhole:-)
    LOVE THE BUTTON ON YOUR COAT *A*)/ it's sooo cute!! eyes and tears<3 omg Love your historical-themed (idk how to put it to a proper words...) outfit x) x

    1. I can only imagine ;____; scares me already!! :D
      awww thank you so much, Rafa ^ 3 ^ <3


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