Friday, 12 August 2016

Moomin stuff

A little Moomin themed post once again. 
Because Moomins rule.
You might have seen some of these accessories in our outfit post. 
We linked some of them in this post.

Here's some of the pins and a bracelet. When Lind was a teen she had a phase when she thought pins were best accessories. She still likes them as you've seen on our outfit posts.

Bracelet is from Muurlan lasi which is a glasswork factory in small village called Muurla where Lind studied comics for the first time.
Lind's mom bought this for her. This is one of those bracelets where you could choose what you want it to contain. Lind wanted Sniff, Moominmamma's hand bag, Stinky and Little My.

Check out these three gangsters. Mr Hemulen, Too-ticky and Toffle.

This brooch is made by Finnish designer Katariina Guthwer. In the picture is the "Moomin goddess" Tove Jansson.
Ilar got these stickers as a part of his bday present from his mother... because... why not?

These little fellas are made by Lind's sister Misabell as an Xmas present. They're so kawaii! They are characters from the 90's Moomin animation. The best one.

A moomin box which we got as xmas present.
Lind uses it as a makeup holder.
Post stamp necklace by
and stamps from '94 :)
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  1. I wish I had more Moomin stuff!

    1. You can't really have enough moomin stuff! X)

  2. These are all too cute! Did you know I actually learned about Moomin because of this lovely blog? ^___^



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