Thursday, 18 August 2016

Let's nerd out with Overwatch

Let's have a little talk about the game we've played a bunch lately: Overwatch by Blizzard. 
Shortly if you don't know it: It's a team based first person shooter. Little like Team Fortress 2 by Valve. If you don't know either of those and you're into wacky online multiplayer games you should try them out! Well, enough with the backstory and let's get into what we think of the game: Story, characters, gameplay etc. This is going to be as light as possible. :)

Story: We think story is cute. Nothing and I mean nothing extraordinary. It's really basic and shortly I can explain it because this is not a RPG. 
Core idea: There are robot people (Aka Omnics) who condsider themselves to have a something that resembles a soul thus making them humans. Some "real" humans disagree with them and consider them just a machines. What makes matters worse is the past war between humans and omnics. Main focus of the story is the same old philosophical question: In which point machine becomes human or living thing in general. This same question has been a topic in many anime series lately. Don't know what's up with that but there you go. The real subject circles around the concept of racism in a way to those people who think Omnics are people.

Omnics and Humans
(Screenshot from Overwatch short film Alive)

Characters: We've enlightened our viewpoint about characters a little in past post but it was before all characters were introduced. (Here's the post if interested) Latest character they added was an Egyptian 60 year old lady: Ana. We think it's super cool! She's a unique character in these types of games in both gameplay and artistic design perspective.

We both love the game's idea of making a characters to suit everyone.
For example Zarya masculine female or armored Pharah. Race and age vary between characters nicely. Of course there are a lot male characters and they are just as well developed. Personally I would like to have in addition to old lady a little more feminine man character. It would be nice :)

All the other characters.
(Screenshot from Overwatch Theatrical Teaser)

You can always question some decision for example the sniper lady Widowmaker has a quite a butt and for some reason so does the athletic Tracer. It's quite unnecessary along with some "nerd men designed clothes" as Lind would say. Look at Mercy's hair or this "halo helmet", what's up with that? 

Luckily new kind of outifts and looks can be found from the boxes you receive from playing or buying.

There has been released comics and animated short films about the characters. They only reveal a little something new about the characters but are nice entertainment blast!

Here's the first one it's about Winston. 

There are four of these animated shorts so far but 18.8 should be the release day of the new one.

Gameplay: To us, not gaming professionals, Overwatch seems really solid. We haven't come across many bugs nor imbalances among the characters. Of course we don't play this at the highest level but I consider us to be slightly better than average.
Every character seems fluid and playable.

My favorite character's to play are: Lúcio,
Torbjörn (whose name is too hard to pronounce for many people), 
Winston and Junkrat.

And Lind's are: Mercy, D.VA and Symmetra. She's also interested trying out Ana because she likes her style.

We both like supportive character's more than plain damage ones. Symmetra and Torbjörn are defensive builders. D.VA and Winston are flanking tanks and Lúcio and Mercy are healers. 
I like Junkrat because I like grenades and "Demoman" was my favourite character in Team Fortress 2. All though he's marked as "defence" I use him for doing damage.

Fun fact: character Lúcio is based on Brazilian Musician and DJ who goes by the same name and actually has composed the songs character uses in game. 

Have you played Overwatch? 
If you have what are you thoughts about the game?
Thanks for reading!



  1. I've seen many gameplay videos on Overwatch and it looks very promising. :)
    Still haven't played it yet but would love to give it a go! D.VA is my favorite in the character designs.


    1. Nice! We love the unlockable skin variate called B.VA. It's super cute! :D


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