Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July's Favorites

It's time for our favorites again. In this month we didn't really buy anything (special) but 
we've a lot food things we've tasted (and loved). 
So let's start with those.

Vine leaf Dolma

Firstly vine leaf Dolma. We bought them in a can. Both of us liked them. I think they're really good when combined with a lot of small dishes. I personally haven't been a big fan of "cold" food such as sushi but I've learned to like them a lot more lately. I recommend trying these absolutely. We naturally ate the meatless ones. :)


We've tried to find a proper substitute for cheese and have managed to find it in the form of Hummus. We've enjoyed couple of vegan hummus lately. They are tomato and garlic flavour. It doesn't beat the cheese yet but guess what...

Vegan cheese

...We have found vegan cheese from the store next to us! 
The brand of the cheese is Violife. 

Our cheese is cheddar and smoked flavour. They taste just like "real" cheese! It's amazing! They're tad expensive but this has thought me to use less cheese on my sandwich. I've noticed that I don't like to melt these. They taste way too much like raw egg in my opinion! (I have always hated the taste of egg.) They go really well with rye bread which Finns eat a lot for some reason.

Try these. You will not regret it. 

Pokémon GO!

(This pic is taken from Pokemon Go's site)

We've played this a bunch while we are on our daily walks.
In Finland it has quite much flaws and it drains battery like crazy.
Still nonetheless, it's really fun to catch new pokémon. We've caught my favorite generation 1 pokémon: Paras. We've still missing slowpoke which Lind argues is her favorite 1st gen pokémon. She had trouble choosing just one for this post :D
(funny side note: Paras actually is a Finnish word and means best

I recommend you to try this especially if you live in a better place than Finland. Have you already tried this? :D

Lord of the Rings
Last but not least we watched the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
It was my favorite movie growing up. I still enjoy it a tremendous amount. Lind had seen them only one time so that was 
the reason we decided to watch them all. (Non extended versions)

(Pic from wikipedia)

The movies are all great even to this day. Maybe I can spot some flaws here and there now that I study movie making but all in all they're really important to me.

Most of the people I know have seen the whole trilogy and I really do recommend them to fans of "serious fantasy".

Sea Vegetable

Random thing we've enjoyed as well is this. 
Sea vegetable hand soap by Lush.
I mentioned this in our latest Lush haul post and yea. It's just as good as we though it was. 
It makes hands smell like pepper. 

What's great with Lush' soaps is
when they make you wonder for some time: 
What's that smells so good?
(and you don't remember that 
it is the thing you washed your hands with!)

I like the texture and colours. This is what soap is supposed to look and feel like!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is amazing!

  2. POKEMON GO! I'm sooo crazy with that game (eventhough I don't hang 24/7 at pokestop with lure like other players in here...) I just like exploring place while catching pokemon^^
    AAAHH I'VE GOT SLOWPOKE!! I got it from hatching egg<3 it's sooo pinky and cute, I had trouble telling the differences between slowpoke and lickitung ahahaha because they're both pink (same thing goes for clefairy and jiglypuff...)
    pokemon go kinda makes me feel stressed because when the game freezes...:-)
    all i wanna do is just crying:))
    i dont think my fav pokemon gonna make appearance in pokemon go, since my fav pokemon in the later gen..swadloon, duosion, and oshawott! but all i know for sure is i hate doduo and zubat>:( they're too annoying


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