Thursday, 1 September 2016

How was TAFF festival?

As I mentioned a week ago we were part of the staff at TAFF Turku's Animated Film Festivals. We worked at info desk and sold tickets for the shows. It was quite hard work because we had to walk for one and a half hour to actually get there. As you might imagine we were absolutely beat at the evening x) 
It was a really nice experience though! We got to talk so many animation directors and animators all around the world. All of the invited guests were so friendly.

We saw five animation shows (which all were compilations of many animations) and we wanted to share some that is available at vimeo.

One of the shows was a animation master class 
by Adrien Merigeau who is known for his work at full length animation movie Song of the Sea. Here's a music video he made for Irish indie folk band Villagers 

Here's trailer for another animation we got to see: Dinner For Few by Nassos Vakalis. 

This one is trailer for animation Little Vulvah and her Clitoral Awareness by Sara Koppel! 
She's great!


  1. I love when they make it available for the public to watch! I really liked the last one. :)


    1. These are just trailers but it sure is nice to get a sneak peek! ;)


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