Friday, 29 July 2016

Why I love my partner + Outfit

 Ilar is a blond hunk in these pics 
because they're from last year.
My matching outfit is in this post.

One day I was thinking about some random special acts of kindness (by the one and only Ilar) that have melted my heart.
 Tomorrow (29th of July) is his bday so 
I thought now it's the perfect time to share them with you too!

^ - ^

 1. He boiled my menstrual cup.

He didn't have school that day and when I came home he said casually "I cleaned your cup. It's ready to be used tonight."

2. He bought me a Tom of Finland comic book as a secret present.

I hadn't even asked for it nor knew about the book.
The cash register lady looked at him twice. 

 3. He made me pizza for lunch and brought it to school.

I send him a message " Im hunger *pizza emoji* ".
And in an hour 
he's serving me a pizza 
with pineapples on it.
He doesn't even like pineapples! 
 (btw when we first met, he didn't know how to cook)

 4. He secretly buys me sushi. 

I never know when he's gonna do it.
He's a ninja.
And I'm always hungry for sushi.

 5. He bought me pihlaja candies when I was in bed 
suffering from my period pains.

He never lets me cook or go grocery shopping when I'm on my periods.
He wants me to feel like a queen (that I am).

 6. He pays my birth control pills.

We have our own bank accounts but we don't divide the money... It's our money ;) (not his or hers)
He's still the one that wants to be the one to pay.

 So many things to do with my lady pains :'D haha! sorry!

But it really moves me when a man is so kind to me 
when I'm at my weakest.
I couldn't be more happy <3

 Our 3 year anniversary is in a few months.
3 years!!! It sounds so little but feels like forever.

Everyone (irl) haven't been too happy 
about us being happily together.
But this year things have changed a bit. It feels better. Easier.

And that's why I have the courage to write this post to you :)

I don't feel like I need to hide my happiness.
We are happy and it doesn't mean we don't want you to be too.

 I don't think people need to find a lover (NO!)
but I think it's magical to find a friend.
A best friend.
It can even be your own self.

To me it was this guy.
He's made me the happiest!
He's my best friend.

Ilar told me that if he'd write a post like this one 
but about me
he'd write about my butt.

Happy bday my dear dear friend!
^ w ^ <3


  1. This is a very sweet post! (And I love your matching outfit<33)
    Random acts of kindness always make the day better; especially from that special person that you love.
    My husband would probably write about my butt too. :P hahaha
    Happy birthday, Ilar!


    1. Thank you very much, Adi! :)

    2. haha :'DD team butt!!! <3
      thank you Adi!!

  2. Aw that's lovely!

    It's sad when people don't like others' love and happiness! I experienced that too!

    1. hehe, thank you ^ - ^
      aww I'm sorry to hear that :'( I hope things are better now <3

  3. happy belated birthday!^^
    aaahh>,< you guys are so sweet and sooo cute! random act of kindness is the best thing ever!^^

  4. So happy for the both of you!! Wish you both the best :))
    ♡ Dulce


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