Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ramble: Helping people is nice but

Short post about a weird thing that we've started thinking lately. Shortly to summarize it: When helping other people makes you feel bad about yourself. Let's open this up a little, shall we?

This has happened to us in many occasions. Why? 
Well, we try to make people happy and help them feel good about themselves. This more often is not worth our trouble. Helping people makes us feel bad way too often. 
We feel bad because people don't appreciate what we are doing. If they ask help they take it guaranteed that we'll help but they don't see the reason to do or even say anything nice to us. We don't want to be thanked, no. That's not why we're helping. Some people just want to help others. Absolutely crazy idea right?! Such idiots we are and it's step by step coming to a close in our part.

Most of the time we notice how much trouble we've been through to help someone we thought we liked. Not even a polite word, no. 
It makes you feel bad.

We do not help everyone. We select very few people we are willing to help (people we like and know) and man that pisses me off when they make us feel bad after we've helped them. Such as giving us critic how we didn't help enough or just simply demanding more and more without giving anything back. Don't they think that's bit selfish or just simply awfully rude??? No, they don't. 
Best part is that the amount of hate you get for NOT helping them. It's nice to be appreciated.

Here's an excellent video that helped us to put this into words. This is so right. It's made by awesome guy, Levni Yilmaz. Here's link to his Youtube channel AgentXPQ.
It's only 2:40 minutes long so I recommend you to watch it to get our point more.'

"When Trying To Be Helpful Makes You Feel Sh**ty" Tales Of Mere Existence

This is why we don't always care to be super nice to everyone. It has its bad sides. Levni's problem is not exactly as ours but the feeling is the same. We agree with Levni, in that false security as well.

Have a nice day! (I'm not being sarcastic :))

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