Sunday, 10 July 2016

Outfit: Your Neighbour's Creepy Kid

I think I look like a character I could have drawn.
 I'm so happy about it :D

 Guess you could say I always look like one 
(people say that all of my drawings look a bit like me)

but this time I really feel like it too! ^ - ^

 Have you seen Jeffree Star's upcoming (21st July) yellow lipstick, Queen Bee????
I've been waiting for a yellow liquid to matte lipstick forever 
; 0 ; <3 So dreamy!!!

I'd love to have it but I'm not sure... It'd cost like 40€ because we don't live in USA ;(
I managed to get Drug Lord and Dirty Money for 20€ each
because Dolls Kill randomly had free shipping, yay!
They don't sell Jeffree Star atm * ^ *

I use Colour Pop all the time but Jeffree Star has the best quality liquid to matte lipsticks.

This lipstick is by Lime Crime (a shady shady business).
I don't recommend it but I do love my yellow lips * 3 ^ haha <3 

sailor collar: ivana helsinki (sample?)
badge: gift, Röllin Sydän (the movie)
overalls: thrifted
tights: les queues de sardines
shoes: gift
earring: make me loco (etsy)


  1. Hahaha I love the title of this post! ^o^
    I recently bought some overalls but are still shipping.VEGETARIAN COURTESYFACEBOOK

    1. :D hehe, makes me happy! thank you, Adi <3
      Yay! Can't wait to see them on your blog >w<

  2. Omg>,< love that squid earrings<3 IT'S YELLOW AND IT'S SO CUTE...kinda reminds me of some creatures in rpg games lol^^
    I just noticed but your hair is my dream hair;_; I want that color!!1;_;IT'S SO CUTE OMG it's so cute!!!! too much cuteness in your hair;_; *close eyes because too cute*
    Idk why but everytime I see your outfit and makeup I see you as a fashionable fairy^_^
    the tights is sooo cute>,< looks like strawberry...with black leaves...(?)
    and your collar! It's so summer-ish!<3 Sailor style is always cool!<33 x

    1. Yay thank you! ^ w ^ I really like the yellow squid too >w< (but it smells awful ewww)

      aww thank you so much ; w ; <3 I really want to see you with this hair colour too!!! :D It wasn't too hard to achieve so -go for it!!! ^0^ <3

      fashionable fairy -that's the best description ever! Made my day. aww thank you, Rafa!! You are just so sweet.

      strawberry with black leaves <3 <3 <3 YES!!


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