Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Outfit: Summer Fairy

 New hair! New hair!
I had to create a twin sister outfit to the Spring Fairy one that I posted a few months ago.
Summer fairy is all about the colour red.


 It was a sunny day and I'm super pale so...
please excuse the overexposureness ^-^;
My shoes are especially dirty because the path to this forest is covered in mud...
and we (apparently) don't care :')

 Is she excited or suffering?
We don't know.

 dress: ivana helsinki
skirt: black milk
leggings: black milk
platform creepers: underground
lipstick: colour pop (mr. blonde)


Rock n roll

 This hair turned so NEON * 0 *
and we do love neon.

 We used Splat hairdyes mixed with conditioner (this time... the way we recommend using them:))
Shades we used are:
splat's orange fireballs (gotta love that name;)), luscious raspberries, pink fetish,
coral red (by directions), rubine (by directions) and crazy color's vermillion red.

 Who's that Pokémon?

Kissing gays are all upside down.

 It's Lindi!
Lind Lind ^ 3 ^

scarf: old
t-shirt: libra style (etsy)
belt: thrifted


  1. Paljon power-punaista! Hienot hiukset! :)

    1. Power-punanen on kyllä osuva :D Kiitos!!!

  2. Red! the color red is so fierce to me<3 I feel energized seeing the color red;D
    idk why but I see your outfit as a rockabilly girl outfit...? (Probably because the top and the skirt)
    shoes on mud!! URGH! I don't live in a big city so whenever it rains, my shoes suddenly full of muds....ugh ugh ugh :<
    I really love the pic when lindi is shown on Ilar's glasses>,< It's so cute<33

    1. Yay ^ o ^ I think it's really energetic colour too!!
      Oh, yeah! I see what you mean :D It really has some rockabilly vibes!

      mud is annoying -__- yes. Poor you <3 :(
      Our favourite path is so muddy it's not even funny.

      Thank you so much, Rafa! > w < <3

  3. Love the flutter sleeves. <3 Beautiful mix of colors!

    - Anna

    1. Happy to hear that :D <3 Thank you!!! ^____^


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