Sunday, 17 July 2016

Outfit: the Scourge of Mosquitoes

We survived the scourge of forest mosquitoes.
 We had planned to take pics in the woods but it had just rained so the little demons were super happy and active.
We should have known better...

 While we were walking 
we noticed mosquitoes sitting on our hats 
How rude! Those lazy free riders! 

 We were too scared to stop 
so we run home
hoping that the demons wouldn't follow us.

we survived.
And had to use our balcony for shooting.

 The lighting was on our side tho :)
Even if the background was boring white
we were happy

and safe.

"There they are... Lurking in the shadows of the forest... Waiting impatiently for their next victim."

 hat: thirfted
shirt: minna parikka
leggings: black milk
backpack: thrifted
badge: old

 Hair update!
Looking peachy ^ - ^
We are so happily surprised.
Loving it!

"What is it Ilar?"
 "They... they are coming back."


shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
t-shirt: thrifted + diy
suspenders: thrifted


  1. GO AWAY MOSQUITOES>:( sometimes I question what's mosquitoes, they don't bring benefit to human beings (except money for mosquito repellent companies, ofc) they might as well just vanish away, boom! getting bitten by mosquitoes actually really scares me, I'm scared that they'd bring Filariasis;_; really scared!! but In the other side I'm too lazy to wear mosquito repellent lotion/spray hahaha:))
    LOVE YOUR SKIRT OMGGG<333 THE SKIRT IS SO PERFECT:^) the color and the material...velvet!>:^) love velvet so much, it screams 'LUXURY!!11!1!' to me^^
    and the detailings on your dreamy and magical>:D
    I really love Ilar's outfit>,< it's so perfect! I usually don't find vertical stripes flattering, but this time it looks so cool omg!!love the color scheme in the outfit^^ the beanie makes your outfit cooler too<33

    1. I totally agree with you D: mosquitoes are just disgusting! nothing good. Aww the mosquitoes in your country sound scary ;A; I didn't even know! I hope they never attack you <3
      yay I really love velvet too! ^ 0 ^ it's such a royal material, yes! :D
      thank you so much for your sweetest kindest words >//w//< makes me happy!!!!
      Glad you like stripes in this outfit :D you are the stripes queen/expert after all ;D <3

      thank you, Rafa! ^ - ^

  2. Beautiful mix of colors. Love the top. Perfect skirt. <3 Love your dude's bright blue hat. Great pop of color there!

    - Anna


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