Sunday, 31 July 2016

Outfit: Monster's tears are geen

this time it wasn't the mosquitoes... it was the rain 0 _ o ;

 We decided to combine taking a walk and grocery shopping
which is always nice!
when we were done with shopping
it started raining...
and we had to walk for 30 mins ; __ ;
We had planned to take pics 
but my clothes got soaked.
My makeup survived tho :D yay!

 This is not the look I had planned to show you 
but I'll recreate in one day in the future 
^ - ^

 Love this creatures butt 
> w <

Soaked Lind is
not a happy Lind.

 Moomin world <3


shorts: mirkka metsola
bag: gift
lipstick: LA splash (severo)
moomin badge: old (moomin world)


  1. Gmail msg replied! x) Again, nice angelic style, and the green tights rocks. My favorite colour.

    1. Thank you so much :) that's so kindly said! I really like green too :D

  2. That shirt is adorable. <3 Love your bag and hair. Great mix of unexpected colors!

    - Anna

    1. haha :D yay thank you, Anna!! Happy to hear that ^-^

  3. I love the coloured tights! They are hard to find here at the moment, and a Winter is nearly over!

    1. Thank you!
      yeah, sadly I hardly ever see coloured tights in stores :< (I wish I bought more of these ones!!) Hope you can find some amazing colours soon <3

  4. >:( i hate it when i've done dolled up's raining. it must be sucks.
    it never happened anymore since i tend to check weather app every 2 hours or checking the sunshine quantity, so everytime i'm taking outfit pic it gonna be sunny^^ i'm pretty fussy when it comes to weather and sunshine, so if the weather is bad i'm just gonna cry and be cranky to all people:))

    btw! i loooove your tee<3 the dragon is sooo cute, wait. it's not a dragon. yes it does have has piggy nose..ok let's just call it monster just like in the title>,< never thought purple and green is a super cool color combination:O
    and i really like your green beanie and green tights<3

    1. yeah D:<
      ohh!! wow!!! that's so smart * 0 * we never remember that you can do that!
      and every time we check out the weather on this one site it doesn't make any sense... it's like today is hurricane weather... in Finland? and then the sun shines :'DD

      Yay thank you so much, Rafa! yeah ^ w ^; it does look like a dragon but if I remember right it was supposed to be a chupacabra... yea

      <3 U! ^ o ^

  5. Love love love the pop of green!!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. aww thank you ^ 3 ^ I really enjoy green too


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