Friday, 15 July 2016

Outfit: Hedwig's pink Buddies

 I felt like wearing this cute Ivana Helsinki dress
and my mother in law had sent us candies (they were yummy) packed in this pretty paper bag... So I had to match it with my outfit :D

and to fill it we used our beloved Hedwig ^ w ^ 
Thanks buddy! 

 I guess the point of this pic was that 
...I have huge cheeks? 

 Oh mighty Hedwig, we worship you!

 dress: ivana helsinki
leggings: black milk
shoes: minna parikka

 Ilar went for a more blackish look.

 Aww upsidedown turtles <3
Silly things!

He thinks he can fly.

 Uglydog wanted to be more useful...
so this happened 0.o

black vest: etsy (second hand)
Asian vest: thrifted
pants: super old


  1. I always love your matching hair colors! Especially how it's color-coordinated with the outfits. :)
    Btw have you two started playing Pokémon GO? :D


    1. awww so happy that you think so, Adi ^ - ^ we thank you!

      yeah!! we have :D but it's not working that well yet :S we caught a paras yesterday which made us super proud ;) haha!
      How about you, have you started playing Pokémon Go, Adi? ^ w ^

  2. Love the paper bag!!^^ It's so cute and artsy:O Cute paper bag is everyone's weakness! Am I rite^^?omg I never thought to wear paper bag as a substitution of a bag...Why you're so creative omg;_;
    I love your freckles in this outfit post^^ Idk how to describe it..Hope you get what I am trying to say lmao...It's so cute because it concentrated on 3 place only:)) (omg why describing things is so difficult;_;)
    OMG YOUR SHOES IS TOO CUTE:^) It's the epitome of cuteness!:^) I am googling the designer as I typing this lmao:^) I love how Ilar wear the keychain as his earrings...It's so unique lmao:)) I've seen people put crazy things on their piercing...Locks..pencils..It looks so fun! x

    1. awww thank you so much, Rafa >//w//< you are seriously too kind!
      haha yes :D I agree! paper bags are pretty amazing :DD

      I understand what you mean and thank you so much ; w ; aww! <3

      yeah :DD all the weird stuff look so much fun in piercings :D even if it's not the most wise thing to do ;) looks fun

  3. i didnt see the mermaid legging on LOOKBOOK!! SO MUCH LOVE!

    1. aww I'm glad you visited our blog then ^ - * <3
      thank you so much, friend!!!!! :D


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