Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Outfit: Cotton Candy Golfer

 We went to see Warcraft.
We really liked it :) Ilar is planning to write a (big) post about it.
So stay tuned ;)
 We live in suburbs and don't have travel cards atm
so we had to walk downtown.
It was a hot day but we do love walking :)
Just a little sweaty walk but it wasn't much longer than an hour so -not bad.
When we reached the center of Turku
a foreign man asked if he could take a picture with us ^ - ^ hehe!
And of course we said yes (like we always do).

It's been a while since someone asked to take a pic with us.
And it was especially funny 
because we don't really go out at all 
(expect for walks in the woods) 
now that we've been working on our summer projects.

So yeah. It was kind of a big social experience for us :'D
Getting out of our safe home, encountering an unknown person, shopping coconut oil and going to movies.
omg how did we even survive all that ;)

 And it was fun that it was my first time wearing this shirt 
(which is my mama's old).

 I guess it means this shirt is officially approved.
0 . o
^ w *

 Love this print!
Tummy <3

 Dat hair (?) tho <3

 We took these pics when we came home.
So yeah my makeup is not at its freshest ;) haha!

But I do kinda like the "worn makeup look".
* w *


hat: old
necklace: diy
shirt: second hand 
shorts: thrifted + diy
leg wear: oh so old
heffalump: xmas gift

P.S. I only play minigolf.


  1. like always, you are so Pretty!

  2. Ihana paita! Ja muutenkin kesäisen preppy minigolf-asu shortseineen ja kauluspaitoineen! :)

    1. voi kiitoksia kovasti, kirppu!!! * w *


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