Friday, 8 July 2016

Life update: What's that you're doing actually?

We have been working on our school summer projects and wow, it has been nice. Just like our dream come true.

In Finland government awards artist grants to selected artists every year so they can do their artistic work at home without needing to work anywhere else (besides working elsewhere is not allowed in order to continue the funding). The grant is in most cases only for a year or less but in rare occasions it can be longer (3/5 years) if the artist is known with persistent good work and has become somewhat famous.
Only few of the artists in Finland are awarded with any kind of artist grants and getting it can be a little tricky. 
You've to have a lot former experience and degree (at least in our field but also most of the other ones too). Second you've to submit a complex application where your plan is explained perfectly. You can only hope that your project is the one they're willing to sponsor. Pay is often (a lot) lesser than average warehouse workers but that's just destiny of an artist. 

We haven't been awarded with any of the artist grants I just explained, no, not yet but this summer has introduced us to this world and enhanced our visions about future.

Our household is supported by social welfare for students which you get from... Umm, well... Being a student in a proper school. 
The amount what we get is about 1/4 what we would if we had artist grant but we've come to realize that even this small amount of money feels like we had it. Both of us manage money quite well and this is one time opportunity in Finland because you don't get student support for more than one degree which is fine in our cases. 

This has been great! We work from 9:00-10:00 to 17:00-18:00 everyday so, it's like a "real job". We don't keep lunch break. 
 We eat breakfast before and dinner after work. 

During this summer Lind has drawn 75 pages of her comic book 
and started colouring 1/4 of them. 
Lind's original plan was success at drawing this 95 pages what she planned but it turned out she's really dedicated and is almost ready when there is only 20 pages. Her future plan is to colour as much as she can during this summer. She's hard core. I know. :D
Below you can see some of her work process. 
Couple of sketches here.

Next she starts colouring. Here's incomplete one. 
She's using water colours.

And this is really close to finished!
Pretty cool, huh?

I've written a 140 pages long script (which means 2 hour and 20 minutes long movie) and a 25 pages long Short story in English 
and translated it in to Finnish 20 pages 
(which was a little like a second version after I made some adjustments to make it more logical).
This summer my goal is to write at least second version of my movie script, short stageplay and another short story maybe. They're really great and lighthearted way to "escape the format" after doing four to five hours of movie script. 

Movie is a supernatural horror thriller that combines some artistic elements.
It's about a cult's power over feeble mind.

Short story is a comedic drama about a zombie who struggles in a 
fantasy world. It's part of a short story collection.

Point is that it doesn't even feel hard thing to do something you're so passion about even for 6 days of the week! It's really amazing to get to experience this.
We've noticed that we can work for six days before feeling we need a break. So, we take one day off but we usually work in that day too in other projects to be fair. Such as videos, blog, hair dyeing etc.
We can't really be "doing nothing" for whole day. We get bored. We consider this as a positive thing.
Artists' reputation is that they just lay there waiting for inspiration.
 Hot tip of the week: That is not the case nor possible if you want to do art for living.

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  1. OMG<333 The drawing is so good!!It's...perfect:^) so cute<33 The sketch is really cute...AND THE COLORED DRAWING IS...:^) it's too good omg:^) I can't describe how cute it is...
    Seeing the drawing makes me suddenly wanna start drawing again...only for leisure tho hahax))
    I hope it gonna go well!^_^Wishing your the best! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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