Monday, 18 July 2016

Hipsta Lobsta going all social

This is just a short post announcing the fact that we have a Facebook and Pinterest now! You might have seen the little icons at the top of right vertical bar.

If you use facebook a lot you can easily see whenever we post!
And in pinterest we share everything we consider to be nice, 
such as clothing, hair, colourful things etc.

I am learning to use pinterest and even facebook currently. 
I've never been into social media in any way or any sort, 
all though I've literally grown in front of computer. All those crazy mainstream social medias intimidated me and I never cared for anything that actually happened to real people in real life. 
To me social medias were just a big waste of time.
(I don't count youtube but it's a social media in a way as well.)
Even my private facebook I started to use just three years ago and only to job purposes.

All though I still feel everything associated with word "social" to be quite intimidating especially social media but at least I have now a purpose for it.
Social media has its own benefits especially when you are doing any kind of art. That's for sure!

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