Thursday, 21 July 2016

Food ideas lately

We have tried so many vegan / vegetarian recipes lately. Too bad we've haven't taken too much pictures of them but we've some!

Vegan tofu sausage hot dogs!
These are vegan tofu sausages which we found at Finnish grocery store.
 We've been eating these for a while and we had a little phase in midsummer
 when we ate these for like four days straight. 
It was something I say that much.

They're really good actually.
And they are vegan.

We've mainly used them with hot dog buns.
I love them and I personally consider them to be amazing food. 
I don't get why people would eat meat if there's such great replacement options! These are just as good and in my opinion a lot better.
Here in Finland, Lind and I have a joke about one cheap brand's sausages and wieners.
It's funny that they're mostly preservatives and like 40% meat and they taste AWFUL!
Joke is that we compare this brand's sausages to something non food products.
"This movie was just as bad as those sausages!" This was unnecessary long explanation about a really bad inside joke, so I apologize for the anticlimax but
 I see no reason to stop writing so I am going to stop it now.

Mushroom sandwich!
This is mushroom bread recipe we found at Adi's blog!
Here's the link for the post! Thanks Adi! They were great!

We modifed it a little because sadly, we had no avocado :,(
We love avocado but they can be quite expensive here.

These tasted really good. We both love mushrooms and basically every ingredient this had.
For bread we used one that contained beet root. It suited this very well!

Soy chorizo and vegetarian casserole!

We have introduced these vegetarian soy chorizo before but this was the first time we tried them with this traditional Finnish Xmas food. It's called rutabaga casserole.
Yea it looks like dog food but so does most of the Finnish foods.
This tasted great though. It has not as simple flavour you'd think.

Stuffed peppers!
These are just basic stuffed vegetarian peppers. They were good but tasted really simple.
This was the first time I ate stuffed peppers. All in all nice experience.

They were stuffed with chilicheese couscous. Let's just say the recipe is not yet polished but
they tasted okay. Maybe too simple even to Lind's taste buds.
Let us know your food suggestions! ;D

Thanks for reading!


  1. Näyttää hyvältä! Ja tuttu tunne, että samaa ruokaa tulee syötyä sitten päiviä... Varsinkin kun vege-nakit on kalliita, joten niitä kannattaa ostaa säästösäkki, jota sitten mussuttaa ainakin viikon... ;)

  2. I'm obsessed with vegan sausages right now too! Xx

    1. :D Nice to hear! So are we! x)

  3. ahh! i'm currently avoiding red meat>:( i just cried everytime thinking about those poor cow (i should feel bad about the others animal too...but...UGH i feel bad)
    so envy you guys have vegan food:( my city doesn't have vegan food substitution..;_;really hard to move to cruelty free in cruel country;_;
    the mushroom sandwich looks good!!! i think i'm gonna go to the nearest supermarket to buy every mushroom:^) mushroom is life!

    1. Ah, too bad that many cities or even countries are like that. But every little bit counts when thinking preserving earth much as possible! I recommend that sandwich absolutely! Mushrooms really are a life force! :D


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