Monday, 13 June 2016

Something we picked up during our trip to Helsinki (Lush haul)

We visited Helsinki a few days back because reasons but we brought some souvenirs from
 Lush with us! It was  really just restocking but we bought something new as well.

We needed hair conditioner so we decided to take Veganese. 
We prefer these liquid type of conditioners.
We got a veganese test piece last time we ordered from Lush. 
It worked well so, here it is. In our bathroom. :D
Veganese scent is very spicy with a strong hint of lemon. It's so different from our last one
Happy Happy Joy Joy which was just ''old lady's perfume blast'' aka a lot flowers.
We hope Lush makes couple or even one more scent to conditioner collection.
We are eager to try out more!

This is our new face mask, it's Cup o' Coffee.
Scent is strong black coffee. We don't drink coffee but in Finland people drink it a lot.
Finns are one of the worlds biggest coffee drinkers.
However, we think coffee scent is best part of coffee. We love it.
 We loved the Mask of Magnaminty (which contains mint) and that's the reason we bought this.
 Self preserving masks are the best for our needs.

Lind tried the mask right away. First what she noticed that scent was more powerful in Cup o' coffee but the magnaminty gave cooling, refreshing feeling on her skin (maybe because of mint).
Cup o' Coffee's texture is like Magnaminty's. (Read our last haul here)
After the wash Lind's skin didn't feel as refreshed as expected but next morning Lind's skin felt better than after magnaminty. So shortly, Cup o' Coffee it's little bit lesser refreshing at the moment you're using it but effect lasts longer. 

We bought three hand soaps.
First one is Respect You Elders. Lind loved the scent it's like witch hut's spice rack.
Fragrance has berrylike ancient tree kind of vibes. Not like forest no. Just a one ancient tree
which bark has a little hint of spices. It's lovely and the scent opens up after washing hands!
Look at its texture. It looks like a jagged stone.

Next one is Maypole. It has absolutely lovely peppermint scent but it's not as harsh.
 Maybe little like peppermint cream or ice cream?
 It looks very cool. Little like pudding. Colour combo and gradient from pink to green are amazing!
This piece looks like whale to me. It even has an eye :D

Last hand soap is the Sea Vegetable. Fragrance is fresh and masculine in a way.
Little bit like coniferous forest in sea shore. Reminds me of Vikings. I like this!
I chose this because I've always wanted to try it. 
I like its looks. "Contains sea salt and seaweed" yea figures.

Avocado (what a creative name...?) is a shampoo bar or well sort of.
 According to Lush staff this is mostly conditioner and just little part of shampoo.
 To us this is totally fine. It contains a lot of different kind of oils which help nurture hair.
Scent is surprisingly sweet and fruity but it has something strange part we can really figure.
Maybe that's the vinegar it contains :D who know? It smells good.

We received a random act of kindness aka extra product because we bought so much
Boom! It's a toothpaste tabs! (They're like toothpaste you chew them and then brush your teeth)
They're packing with a mix of Lush' personal gunpowder:  Black pepper, chili and charcoal 
(which is naturally whitening)
We used them this morning and wow, did I receive a fierce one. It was great experience!
Can't wait to try out more flavours in the future :D
Sadly, they're quite expensive on Finland: 13€ a bottle. You can get two tubes of toothpaste which even last little longer... Well, maybe some day.

We also bought our natural restocks such as Refresher shower jelly and Tea Tree facial water.
They're both great and important stuff for us.

We got a little tester from their new collection: Smuggler's soul shampoo bar.
Fragrance is little smoky, tingling and manly. 
It contains rose- and sandalwood oils, cucumber and watercress. What an interesting combo! Don't you think? I bet it works just as well any other shampoo bar but something new is always nice!

We were little surprised that there is not going to be any other collection before
Halloween in Autumn.
All around there were not much new in general which was a little disappointment 'cus 
it has been so long we actually got to visit the store. (There is only two stores in Finland and both located in Helsinki where we don't currently live in) 
Alas, maybe in Autumn then, my ol' friend.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hahaha I just came back from Lush! xD I got bath bombs though.
    However, I did see all of these their. I thought Maypole was really cute. ^.^


    1. Nice! Love those bath bombs! Maypole was the prettiest one from the current selection in our opinion. :)


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