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Rasputin the most pathetic antagonist (Anastasia the movie *SPOILER ALERT*)

Have you seen the animated movie Anastasia?
If you haven't go watch it right away. It's amazing and fits all ages!


Shortly the story is about two con artists trying to get their way to somewhere better with a hoax.
 To achieve this plan they disguise orphan girl to be princess of Russia (Anastasia) which she is.
She just doesn't remember her past. 

Main characters (left to right) Dmitri, Anya (Anastasia), Pooka the dog in her arms and Vladimir.

Story is most Dmitri's growth story. He's an unordinary "hero" what it comes to Anastasia. 
Vladimir is sort of funny father figure, loving and jolly. He doesn't seem to have bad mood at all. 

Anya. She's borderline violent but you can count it as sassy! I like her :D
Her relationship with Dmitri is awesome. Chemistry between these characters brings out their best characteristics. Love it!

They're accompanied by a random dog, Pooka. I don't like it. Reason to its whole existence is to be cute. Aka no relevant character development, not any conflicts to create cuteness actually cute. It's too simple, too boring and to me, personally, repulsive.

That's Pooka. Im sorry but no.

What is this post about is not a main character. I'd call him to a main antagonist but he really isn't.
I'm talking about Rasputin, "The evil sorcerer". To me the relationships between main characters are good enough of an conflict to make this movie interesting but would it be the same? Absolutely not. Rasputin should not be replaced. He's too great!

So, evil!

Before we jump to examine Rasputin more closely I want to say few things from the movie.
I love the character designs (except Pooka 'cus predictable and boring). It's great. Just like in Swan Princess and Quest for Camelot (all though not as odd as the last one :D still love the style though!).

General setting is nice and different. Neither of us are fans of 1900-1950 time period because of all the wars are such boring subjects but it works here. Anastasia is not about war all though story begins with communist revolution. It's about the mysticism behind the war. 
On paper not the best but works here. Good movie. :D
 (I don't care that it's not historically accurate. it's a fiction. Does it make a bad movie. No.)
Listen this song. So good. So Russian. 
Showcases the style very well.

Well enough rambling about movie and let's jump into our subject Rasputin.

Grigori Rasputin's character is based on real man who lived in 1869-1916 Russia. He was rumoured to be Tsar's son's spirithealer, warlock and queen's lover. You choose what you believe in.

What's up with him in movie? Well shortly he's represented as a "vampire zombie warlock" of some kind and the lord of bugs. Let me clarify that a little because that would be amazing horrific evil villain combo but here's why he is not anything of a sort.

Rasputin is really crazy, in comedic way. He's always strangling himself and acting like a general lunatic. Not very threating to me. When Rasputin hurts himself physically he often stretches and twists oddly. This is because he's part zombie.

 No words.
Talk about silent hill.. Pyramid head? Did Masahiro Ito design this frame?

 In story Rasputin has sold his soul for a mystery vial which gives him magical powers but why he's an undead is because he died at the beginning of the movie. He drowned into a icy river when chasing Anastasia and her grandma. His death is so lame it's epic. The feeling, the threat is minimal, like "Oh noes it's the crazy guy with a bat.. Oh he died. Bat couldn't save him."

Oh yea and Rasputin's sidekick is a talking bat; Bartok. Bartok is great. I like him!
He's stupid and reckless yet still not too annoying. 

Of course because Anastasia is a musical animation Rasputin has one song of his own.
I found it on Youtube. Song is amazing! My favourite song of the movie!
The song is so ominous, scary and epic!
The animation reflects Rasputin personality in a nutshell. I love it dearly!
There's odd thing though. Since when Rasputin became king of bugs? 
During this song? Yes, it looks like so. Why he has a wig? I don't know but who cares! 
Bugs have amazing choreography and dance moves. They're so random and amazing!

Where Rasputin shines as a real antagonist is a roughly middle of the movie where his minions set the main characters to life peril by destroying their train.

His minions can be cute...

...And huge demonic creatures?!

Second time is when Rasputin tries to kill Anastasia with his magic hallucinations. Trying to make her commit suicide. However, Dmitri stops her by interrupting her magical dream.

When it's time for final battle Anastasia doesn't even remember Rasputin. 
Why would she? No one does!
He hasn't done anything but cursed in his weird underworld lair. 
Rasputin is beaten quite easily and story can end. To our surprise 
Rasputin's death is so graphic and brutal. Such a harsh ending for a lousy villain. 

All in all Anastasia is a  good movie and I recommend you to watch it!
 It has many really good songs. Style is great and atmosphere is spot on!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Yes, love love love Anastasia. Wowwee you really go in depth about character development. I watched the movie growing up and never paid much attention to that sort of thing but do notice it after rewatching movies as an adult. I think Rasputin is intentionally hokey, it is afterall a kid's movie. Bartok is so comical and possibly my favorite character. My favorite part is when he tells Rasputin, "I'd give her a ha and a hi-ya and a wo-ha and then I'd kick her, sir." :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Anastasia is the best! I got to watch it as an adult first time and loved it! and I agree. Rasputin is most intentionally designed to be such crazy being and I love how they had to courage to try it on a movie (and in my opinion succeed at it). Bartok is amazing and that "shadow boxing scene" is so adorable! :) Thank you for reading!


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