Friday, 3 June 2016

Random ramble: Social exhaustion; you can't avoid it.

in this post I want to talk about our week and time before this week. First of all let me clarify this but we're exhausted. Especially me. Lind is such a little powernest she always has strength to do all sort of stuff (like do the dishes or whatever) but I don't.
This is social exhaustion which I want to tell you about shortly. 

So, what this means to us is;
we can entertain people for certain amount of time before "running out anything relevant to say". Doesn't sound very exhausting does it not? Well let me explain this more accurately.
art by old Lind

We run into these kind of situations with people that we've not very much in common and that are sensitive. For example if you ramble on how good some blockbuster action movie was you're destined to lose us in some point. We don't want to be rude, especially to people we don't know that well but we can't really have a proper discussion if they are not willing to get to know us. 
We can play interested for a certain period of time but when you've to do it for three days... Yea...

We're not nice people. Not to everyone, absolutely not. What we are is polite.
In Finland it's polite to be quiet when someone is talking and it's exhausting to listen about something
not from your world especially when the person who's talking doesn't care about yours. 

On top of that it's hard to spend so much time on something so not rewarding.
First: We've job to do; our summer studies in which we should spend at least 8hours per day so we can succeed. 
Second: We've got our blog and Youtube which we cannot/never want to ignore but which take major amount of our free time (videos, photos, text).
Third and most important: We actually want to spend time alone too. Just the two of us. Nobody else. Yea, we have spent this week 24/7 together but it's so different when someone is around. People wouldn't get what we're talking about and would just get plain insulted how rude we are.

Best thing is that we have to spend time with these people if we'd like to avoid physical beating
(to be liberal with this figure of speech. I think it's really accurate).
And best thing is that these people always criticize us. Our apartment, our food, lifestyle and how we do always nothing but sleep... SLEEP?!
Have they seen our schedule?! Oh yes, they have but if you're working at home you're not working. Logical, yes? but if you are cleaning factory for 1 hour per week you're working?!? We should be scolded for our laziness. Such disgusting slobs we are.
 To that we have to say: Thank you, we don't like you either. We don't say that but if we would they wouldn't care. It would be just war towards us by everyone because we're such loners and together in this world. But in a while they're fine. They just Keep. Coming. Back.
Wonder why I want to spend time ONLY with my lifelong partner?

 Sounds like one horrible person that I am describing. Fun fact this is 95% of the people we know irl. 
( I would raise this number but it would be injustice to few nice people around us so. yea)
 So, there. We're not social kind at all. We hate traveling to see stupid people. We hate wasting time. 
We hate meeting pointless people like distant friends
or stupid biological family members for longer than few hours. 
We can entertain only so far until we get bored and just plain exhausted for that little we had to make just to get along with people different from us. 


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