Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Outfit: Pastel milk with Baby bears

 Hair colour is fading -time to go pastel!

 My favourite milk is rice milk.
I wish it came in pastel colours. Maybe I could make my own * . *

I don't think you can tell from these pics but we were running away from mosquitoes (and posing).
This photo shoot took like 5 mins. We didn't want to get eaten alive ^ - ^
They managed to take some bites from my legs * ^ *

 Turning angelic 
* 0 * 

 scarf: moomin shop
collar: thrifted
brooch: gift
t-shirt: thrifted
suspenders: thrifted
shorts: thrifted + diy
backpack: junkk yard (etsy)
tights: old
shoes: gift
lipstick: colour pop (mr. blonde)


  1. Ooohh, lovely pastels!!
    I've never actually cared for milk but I'd have to say my fav type is hemp milk (rice milk comes in a close second tho). **Story-time: when I was very little I hated drinking cow's milk and would take my glass of milk into the bathroom with me and pour it down the toilet just so I wouldn't have to drink it... eventually my mom caught me and I got into major trouble! I guess I learned my lesson after that, but didn't change my dislike for drinking milk**
    Also, yikes, sorry to hear about those pesky mosquitoes, they're the worst.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. thank you, Dulce!!! ^ 3 ^
      oh! we have never tried hemp milk :0 now we really do have to!!! :D

      >.< aww! poor lil Dulce! <3 It's funny that some things never change, like childhood's least favourite foods/tastes. Me and Ilar have always disliked boiled potatoes :S

  2. i didn't see the mismatched sock on the lookbook post, this makes me even more happy. I wish i had love for you. Also, your photographer is great, thank that person for me please.

    1. aww, thank you! You are so kind ^-^ I'm just always grateful to get good feedback and nice comments from you!
      My photographer said thank you too :D

  3. Your lipstick is amazing!

    1. aww thank you, Cara! ^-^ I love it too!!

  4. ahhh >:O mosquitoes bite is so annoying! ugh i wish mosquitoes would go away, shoo shoo!
    It's a wonderful pastel dreamland made of pastel dreams omg;_; so cute;_; and you look cool in short + tee, so cute;_; the collar is so cute too!^^ and the care bear bag!!! aaaRGH so cute!>,<

    1. yeaaaahhh D: they SUCK (pun not intended ^-^; )

      Thank you sooo much dear Rafa friend <3 You are such a sweetheart!!! ; w ;


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