Thursday, 23 June 2016

Outfit: Of Monsters and a Peach

 I used to be afraid using berets.
I didn't want to look like a creepy grandma.

I bought my first beret about 5 years ago.
And this year I feel like I've mastered "the art of wearing berets". 
I don't care about "rules" anymore.
 I been feeling like wearing my berets like this :)
I think it looks cute ^ - ^

 Ilar loves the shade of peach. I love it too :D
He also really loves both of these dresses that I wore. They are his favourites.

It makes me so happy when people tell me their favourite pieces of my clothing collection.

 Seal got bored of posing so he started to play in a tree.
I didn't know seals can climb...
(Note: By Ilar "It's dangling dongle")

 I DIYed myself a girl gang :')
They are drawn with fabric markers.

I've been trying to do some diy stuff a lot lately but the main reason I diyed this jacket 
is because 
I saw a basic girl wearing it... No D:

 Wearing my Ivana Helsinki's knife...
for self defence only 0 . o


 Hope you never get enough of my mermaid legs 
^ 0 ^

 beret: thrifted
umbrella brooch: thrifted
knife brooch: Ivana Helsinki
black milk buttons: black milk
floral dress: old
peach dress: poola kataryna (sample)
leggings: black milk
seal backpack: thrifted

 Look at this kawaii creature!
It's my good friend, Ilar :D

 His hat is might be borrowed from 
Peter Pan or Snufkin...
We don't know.

Ready to save the day!

 Ilar calls this shirt "the soft shirt".
It's so incredible soft and comfy.
And the print is so nerdy cool ^ w ^
It's made by Drop Dead clothing which is a brand that... 
doesn't really match our morals anymore... You know ;( fast fashion and all.
 <3 lurking in the woods...

 Ilar noticed me * . *

patch: maiden voyage clothing (etsy)
hat: thrifted
jacket: thrifted
scarf: old


  1. beret is always cute on every outfit>,< all hail beret! (i haven't found my beret yet>,< let's hope im gonna get my first proper beret ever soon:D)

    OH GOD. OMG. THAT JACKET IS SOOOO CUTE!!! hand drawn thingy is always cool!!!>:O AND AND AND... GIRL GANG!!! OMG TOO CUTE>,< love it! especially it's heavenly peach color and... girl gang1!! and !!1 hand drawn!! if it's gone then it means i'm the one who steals it lolX)) it's soooo cute!!!!>:( the drawing is sooo cute! your drawing is so cute>,< I like your way of drawing! kinda reminds me of chocomoo, doodle artist from japan!^^

    I know the feeling when 'basic person' wearing the same item...nonononono. just no. I didn't wear my neon backpack to school, (and haven't even put off the plastic bag) for almost a year because a basic person was wearing it to school... no. just no lol:))
    Ilar's tee is sooo cool!! kinda reminds me of posters for kids:)) learning abcs or animals lol^^

    1. Oh yeah! You really need a beret too! :D I can imagine them looking sooo cute on you <3

      :'DDD hahaha aww! that's so sweet >w< thank you so much!
      I just checked out chocomoo's art, so coool!!!! :D thank you for introducing! <3

      D: yeah! It's the worst! Sorry to hear that you've had to deal with it too :'<

      haha! love the idea of abc monsters :DD perfect!!!! someone has to make it happen!

  2. Sweet girl gang plus your makeup is incredible! I'm not accustomed to wearing hats, so anyone who does is amazing in my eyes. Also dig that Sasquatch patch, too cool :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yay :D makes me happy to hear that!!! thank you! <3
      I remember that I had to practice wearing hats... and now I'm addicted *___*

  3. I actually though berets were kind of a cute stylish hat always. And that umbrella charm is realy nice too. I like how much the color shows, it's very vibrant.

    1. aww thank you, Kyris ^ - ^ happy to hear that!
      hehe yeah, berets are so Parisian ;DD
      love berets! <3

  4. Such a rad jacket. Love the burst of color in this outfit! <3

    - Anna

    1. yay! happy to hear that ^___^ thank you, Anna! <3


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