Friday, 17 June 2016

Outfit: Nordic Noir and the Female Perkele

 Perkele is the Devil from Finnish folklore. 
They are the opposite to Ukko ylijumala (same as God or Zeus etc). Perkele wasn't always just a bad omen, they could be seen as a reminder of life's ups and downs.

I see Perkele more as a character from Greek mythology. Perkele has personality ^-^

 Unfortunately Perkele is nowadays used as a Finnish swear word. 
It's also sadly kind of a slogan to patriotic (redneck) Finns.
"Suomi Finland prkl"
 just plain ew.

 Nordic Noir is apparently so IN atm ^-^
It's awesome because it affects Finnish movie making business positively.
Ilar studies movie making and he'd love to write a fantasy movie so maybe he'll have a better chance to create one in Finland in the (near;)) future... thanks to the Nordic Noir boom <3

He's writing a horror thriller (so nordic noir, haha ;)) atm 
and I think my outfit kinda fits its atmosphere nicely :D

 I was told 
that people in Switzerland thought that Finnish beers
 are something that satanic/goth people drink... :'D

We're not goths and we don't drink alcohol but -we think it's a funny rumour :D

we have that pentagram on the wall because we think it's fun to see how people react to it...
Our sense of humour is kinda weird ^ - ^; 


 Love this lil guy <3

shirt: thrifted
bow: old
skirt: old (sisley's)
necklace: old

Talking about movies!
check out this awesome cool upcoming Finnish movie
It's coming in 2017 but you might be able to see it on some film festivals next autumn...
We just can't wait!!!


  1. replied back on gmail! :DD My god.. your items are extrodinary awesome!!

  2. Cool lookki! Aina välillä on hyvä verhoutua mustaan... Todella kivat sukkikset btw ja jännä koru! :)

    1. :D hihi kyllä!
      kiitos, kirppu ^ - ^

  3. Nice, thanks for the recommendation. Btw is your little goat plushie Djali from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? (I had one that looked just like it back in the day and am now wishing I still had it.)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. <3 your welcome :) and yes!!! It's Djali <3 I didn't have one as a kid... but I'm reliving my childhood ;) making it even better, hehe!


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