Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Outfit: Mymble

 The Mymble (swe Mymlan, fin Mymmeli)
I decided to go with the anime Mymble's pink look
so that it could match with my Little My outfit
 ^ - ^
Hope you like it!

 Fun fact! Her name comes from Tove Jansson's own slang word mymla  
which means making love.
Love it!!! * 0 *

And why the Mymble family is called Mymble is 
because of they produce so quickly and often.

The mother Mymble always seems to be pregnant 
and she has so many kids she can't even remember how many.

When it's Mymble time you just have to have a bun!
Love buns but I have some "baby hair" hanging over my undercut so...
this is what happened :D
army of hair clips.

I need smaller ones :)

Moomintroll is swinging like Tarzan.
I never take him off my ear (as you can see...) 
because he's so comfy.
Love him!

choker: make me loco (etsy)
dress: thrfited
skirt: black milk
shoes: minna parikka

Had to share with you this "art" picture :D
this is what happens to us all the time when lighting changes
and we shoot manually.

I look so angelic :'DD


  1. Very unique and fun outfit. In particular I liked the shoes, you don't really notice all their nice detail until you see the close-up but they're so unique!

    1. Yeah that's so true :D super happy to hear that you like them ^-^
      thank you, Kyris!!! you are awesome!!

  2. Such a rad skirt. Only you could make it look so f*cking cool. Hehe. Love the bow explosion! :DDD

    - Anna


    1. :'D explosion is pretty accurate ;D haha!!!
      thank you so much, dear Anna! ; w ;

  3. I sent you a message on Gmail my angelic princess~ ^^

    1. :'D hehe! Okay I'll check it!

    2. Yeah.. xD please do.. I lose kind of trust here. Not you hun but someone else.
      And once again..worshipping your style :'D

  4. Todella söpö lookki! :) Ihanat nyörikengät ja hiuskoristeita! ;)


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