Saturday, 4 June 2016

Outfit: Lindi Potter in Owlery

Lind took a trip to the Owlery. 
They only had three owls though.

I fell in love with owls reading Harry Potter as a kid.
I've always thought that using owls as "homing pigeons" was a whimsical idea!

Owl stacking at its finest.

 Lindworm is so magical that even her head can levitate.

We've both always liked owls.
The best and cutest birds in general.

This print is so ugly cute but not really... You know?
Love it!

Quidditch game ends on capturing one golden snitch
...but I got three. 

Have a magical weekend!

beret: old
brooch: old
sweater: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
lipstick: melt (blow)
leggings: black milk
owls: old <3


  1. Best sweater ever. <3 Also your hair is amazing!

    - Anna

    1. hehehe ^ w ^ glad you think so, Anna!!! I adore your sweaters <3
      thank you so much > w <


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