Friday, 1 July 2016

Outfit: I live in a Gingerbread House

 Throwback to 2012.
I was all about this look back then.
Hair is pretty similar too :)

Good job, Lind! Thanks, Lind!

 I know people who don't accept that people change and they don't even change themselves.
But I love to change!
I think it'd be boring if I looked exactly the same from a year to another.
My style hasn't gone through drastic changes but I've managed to keep myself feeling fresh.

 I also try to change as a person.
To better.
I don't want to end a year thinking that I didn't learn anything 
or haven't tried to be a better person.

To me change is a positive thing <3

 Blue strawberries this time.
I didn't wear my fave matte lipstick (colour pop's mr. blonde) on my lips...
but on my cheeks ^ w ^
Can't live without it ;  0  ; haha!

 This was one of my first hats.
I turned into a hat person
 because of it <3

 One of our holographic soviet fairytale badge, love them. They are so huge!
It looks scratchy here but it really isn't ^ - ^;

I lived in this bag 2010-12
I thought it was just the right size ^ v ^ heh!

hat: old
collar: thrifted
badge: thrifted
dress: thrifted
handbag: minna parikka
tights: old
shoes: gift


  1. Love this. <3 Fantastic bag and dress!

    - Anna

  2. Ihana Parikka-laukku! Just täydellinen Hannun ja Kertun pakomatkalle metsän läpi! :)

    1. :D jee! kiva, että ajattelet niin <3 Kiitos, kirppu ^-^


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