Saturday, 11 June 2016

Outfit: Goons of the Woodland

We were goons in the woods.

We walked behind an older couple and the lady kept looking behind her.
At first I thought "how rude!" but then 
I realized that we might have looked quite ominous 
(at least to foolish old people ;)) 
walking in the woods in this style.

It was fun :D

Rainbow freckles this time.
I don't own yellow matte liquid lipsticks 
so no yellow in this rainbow :'<

We got somewhat excited about this look ^ 0 ^
It's so different from our regular colour palette. 

I lllove androgynous style but haven't mastered it myself... Yet
* w ^ heehee

This jacket is Ilar's grandpa's (rip).
We both like it a lot!

Doesn't my colour combo look a little royal:
Purple, blue and black.

Can you tell that it's your old buddy, Lindworm? 

 hat: christy's london
goggles: second hand (dad's)
jacket: second hand (grandpa's)
shirt: second hand (mom's)
tights: old
shoes: second hand (grand aunt's)
earring: make me loco (etsy)

This stick actually full of yellow meadow ants (fin keltiäinen=Yellowling rough translation)
even though there's no meadow to be seen 0 . o

Ilar didn't realise the ants before it was too late...
poor guy.

We only have one of these hat's 
but it suited both of us so well that we had to switch it back and forth ;)

Kinda reminds me of B.e.n. from the Treasure Planet.

Ilar found a new friend :)
(is it just B.e.n.'s... head? Poor B.e.n...)

hat: christy's london
goggles: second hand
jacket: old
shoes: irregular choice
tie: old (sisley's)


  1. Omgosh I love this so much. <3 Your oversized blazer and your hair and makeup. :DDD I love the goggles on your dude's hat. Totally want that look!

    - Anna

    1. Goggles hat would look so amazing on you <3
      thank you so much, Anna ^-^


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