Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Outfit: Cup of tea with Pocket Monsters

Is there anything sweeter than a cup of evening tea in good company?
Like Quagsire?

 We took these pictures after midnight so we needed lighting.
Ilar did this cute set up for us * 3 *
I really liked it!
Hope you like it too ;)


 This strawberry shaped tea strainer is my favourite!
It's the cutest.

 We already have new hair colour 
but we washed this hair with hot water only and washed it more frequently than usually.
(because we used the splat colours without mixing them with conditioner)

Look how well they are doing!
Only my fringe faded quickly so I added some blue on it (as you can see :)).

We are quite excited about the blue envy because it's pretty much the only blue that ever fades.
So good!


We love Lickitung too <3
 Ilar likes to reference the episode where Jessie captures it :D
It's pretty epic!!

She captures it because she got annoyed with it. I mean C'mon! Who doesn't love that right?!


A lil tea for Quagsire too!

t-shirt: thrifted
skirt: hello sweetie store
socks: old
collar: thrifted


  1. Very cute night set-up!
    I lovelovelove your shirt!!<333


    1. Thank you, Adi buddy ^ w ^ <3
      I really liked the set-up too, Ilar did a great job!

  2. Pokemon dream outfit!! Omg, your strawberry tea strainer is the absolute cutest thing.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yayayay ^ 0 ^ so glad you like them!!
      thank you, dear Dulce <3

  3. Ahh! the table kinda reminds me of table in my neighbor's garden...The table kinda left a nostalgic feelings:3
    Whee!! the strawberry tea strainer is so cute!! now I know what's the word for that thing lol, I want to buy it but I don't know what that thing is...lol:)) so I always drink a regular tea...;_; the peach (is it peach?) tea cup is sooo cute too<3 peach is so cute! and I always call cute people a peach lol:))
    Your hair accessory is gingham usamimi!!! I'm gonna upload an outfit post with me wearing it lolX)) but the color is blue, what a coincidence!:D
    btw, your new hair color is sooo cute>,< the pink<333

    1. The table is from my grandma :D I think she might have used it as a garden table at one point!!! It's so fun that it gave you nostalgic feelings <3

      yeah!!! It's a peach :D hehe! aww I really love the way you use the word peach -and usamimi!!! I'm gonna use them from now on >w< thank you, buddy!! <3
      Can't wait to see your usamimi look :D

      thank you so much, Rafa <3


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