Saturday, 25 June 2016

June's Favorites

This is our first time making this kind of post. 
In this post we're listing our favorite things in this month. All of these are equally our favorites. This post is quite short so it's really bite size in my standards. Hehehehe...... (>^,^)> = <(@,@)>
Notice new font! It's my favorite font because... Scripts and 
most of work I am doing in everywhere I am using this.
I am most comfy with this and planning to use this on future too. What do you think?

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

This is Lind's favourite. It's quite expensive but 
it's really, really good. Drawing on computer has never been easier. It's like drawing on paper. You literally draw into the screen. 
Cintiq came with a pen which has changeable tip, very useful.

 All though it was my plan to buy it. Lind's mom wanted to pay it
because she wanted to give us a wedding gift. Yay!! :)

TV Paint

This is an animation program Lind has used in her school projects. I don't yet understand the program the way she does. It makes animating way easier and with Cintiq they're unbeatable combo. We could get extra discount because of our school has special deal with TV-paint.

Video camera stand (Benro KH25 tripod)

This stand is amazing and it was very lucky that we found this one from sale costing only 1/3 of its original price. We desperately needed new stand our old one was just a camera stand (not really made for tilting or panning) 
and top of all this one of its leg was broken :(
This stand is quite light and really good for camera work. I enjoy it quite a lot. Especially pan (panning= camera moves sideways) works perfectly!


Lind has newfound her love to berets. She has collected them a bunch during years and she has quite a nice collection of different colours by now. Mostly they're thrifted.
She thinks they're her favorite kind of hat type. 
They're so cute and you see very few people using them (irl).
Summer time is absolute best time to wear these, 
especially when this summer in Finland has been quite cold. :S

Noodle soup

We've enjoyed a lot of noodle soup this month! It's so lovely. It often contains quite a much same ingredients: 
rice noodles, vegetable stock cube aka spices, crushed nori, mushrooms (Champignon mushrooms are most common ones here) and scallion. 
It's simple but delicious.
Our nearest store has a large selection of noodles which are quite hard to come by when 
shopping in normal supermarket in Turku (excluding the large ones).

Boom! Toothpaste pills! (Lush)

These have made brushing teeth so much more interesting. Brushing teeth is always 
important but it can be sometimes be a drag if you're feeling really sleepy already.
I mentioned this product in our last Lush post.
Shortly: they're great! Little expensive though. Flavor is chili, black pepper and coal.
Texture is fun and different. I am actually gonna go use them right away!

Thank you for reading!


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