Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Colourful champagne glasses

A quick random post about champagne glasses which we got from
Lindworm's grandma. Today we found out that they were a present just for fun.
We thought they were some kind of late wedding present as well.
She just wanted us to have nice glasses to use on a Sunday morning :)
They're from Finnish jewelry shop (which we didn't even know sold glasses of any kind) Kultajousi.

Here's the glasses. They're so pretty, aren't they.
(Left to right) Yellow, blue, purple, green, rose, turquoise.

Lind's favourite is green one. I like turquoise. It's really amazing when you pour liquid in them.
Especially bright and slightly transparent colours. Orange juice made beautiful gradient to green one.

We would not use these for champagne of course. We don't use any kind of intoxicants nor tobacco. 
They're 100% no no for us. We're pursuing to be as straight edge as possible with our lifestyle. x)
Neither of us listens much of fitting music for this movement but there's so good values behind it.

Rose is little transparent in this picture but the best one I could get. 
Every one of these looks really great in real life. 

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