Monday, 27 June 2016

Ancient clothes found from a tomb

We've got new clothes!
We're both not into fast fashion and general consumption culture. 
We're not minimalists, no, but we try to ruin our planet the least as possible. 
We buy a lot stuff from thrift stores but these clothes show that second handed clothes from 
relatives are just as good!
For example these 80s shirts from Lind's mom fit our colourful style more than anything you could buy from fast fashion stores now days.
(Finnish etc) Design clothes are different thing they're usually quite high quality
but for our budget they're a bit too much atm.

This is from Lind's mom. Lind's father golfs so maybe that was the inspiration to
 her mom to buy this shirt. We don't know. Lind thinks that the print is cute. She says it looks like 
someone has managed to fulfill their dream print into a reality. 

This was Lind's mom's too. It's so abstract. Makes us feel like we're in art museum.
 Colours are really honest it must be said.

Janina Schreck made designs in 80s. We didn't know her until google. I just took this picture 'cus 
of the cute symbol ;)

Lind's lil sis wanted to give her this so that Lind could match with Ilar's Asian vest :D

Print is great once again. 
Something about these Asian vests catch my eye.

Love the knots!

We're planning on making a vest out of this because its sleeves are way too short for me.
I am looking forward to it. Looking nice already!

A mystery vest. It's quite long even for me. I almost mistook it as a dress but it wasn't.
I used it yesterday when we tried to be a discoball together... Don't ask...

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Kivoja löytöjä! Ihana printti tuossa ekassa paidassa! :) Sukulaisten vaateaarteet on kivoja vielä siksikin, että niiden kautta tuntee olevansa osa historiaa...


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