Thursday, 5 May 2016

Outfit: Young Granny Chic

I can't wait to be old. Like old old.
I want to be the cutest old couple with Ilar! ^ 3 ^
I want to be able to say anything and get away with it.
Like old people do :D

I want to have wrinkly tattoos.

I don't want to worry about anything because everything I should have done is already done.
Then we'll just have time. Precious time to do whatever we want.

I want to be able to look back an be proud.
So many decades behind and so many finished projects.

I can't wait to be a granny!

Raw strawberries this time :)

This beret was so hard to style :S
It's the same (mushroom) size (?) that grannies really use so...
I hope it looks good this way * ^ *

beret: thrifted
glasses: andy wolf
dress: old (from sample sale)
leggings: black milk
shoes: adidas by jeremy scott
bird brooch: gift
turtle handbag: thrifted (wwf)
tove jansson medal: katariina guthwert
collar: thrifted
lipstick: jeffree star (dirty money)

Yesterday it really felt like Spring 
for the first time this year.
It was so hot that I had to take my leather jacket off.
It was the first day I didn't wear a winter coat either :D

We saw so many cute flowers when we took a walk.
Those blue ones and the white ones.
I can't name them... I'm not a country girl ;)

I saw owl's puke for the first time too.
I thought it was dog's... but Ilar told me it was not.
I feel so educated :')

hat: christy's london
goggles: old (mystery)
jacket: thrifted
shoe laces: ninja
shoes: converse


  1. You two will be the cutest old couple of the century!
    I love granny-style clothing too. xD My grandma (94 years old) gave me one of her cardigans.<333


    1. wow! You are so lucky :D It must be super pretty! <3
      >w< and awww! thank you so much! we hope so too!

  2. This look brightens my day it's just so fun and playful. It is somewhat granny chic looking for sure though the dress actually looks rather artistic especially the way you wore it. It all comes to together to look very unconventional and vintage looking.

    1. Aww <3 That's the best comment you could get! Thank you so much, Kyris! :D you are so wonderful!
      Always happy to hear about your opinions :)

  3. Radness. Love the patterns on your dress and leggings. Love the collar (as always hehe). Your dude's blazer is rad, too!

    - Anna

    1. :D yay thanks, Anna!!!
      You have the best collars so I'm so flattered to get compliments from you
      ^///w///^ <3

  4. Ahhh:^) growing old with significant others sounds really fun...:^) I'm actually scared of growing old and be wrinkly...But reading your post kinda taught me growing all wrinkly and spending remaining time is not that bad^^
    I REALLY LOVE YOUR LEGGINGS<33 medieval themed thingy is always soooo cute<33 and the brooch is damn cute too^^ you guys makin' me all envy because there's no magical path in forests to take photos in here;( x

    1. aww, happy that you think so ^-^ <3
      I really hope that I'll look cute when I'm wrinkly. It's a dream! :D

      yay, glad you like them! thank you ^ w ^
      aww sorry about it *_*; <3


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