Monday, 23 May 2016

Outfit: Xmas in April + splat hair dye experience

Welcome to Finland.

We took these pics in the end of April.
When the snow came back... :'D
Just for just a couple of days tho
...but still >:c raar!

Gimme my Spring!

New hair!
Yay :D

People realllly liked this hair.
People lllloove blue hair :)
they really do!

We've been buying only Splat lately 
because it's the only cheap bleach brand that's not tested on animals for sure.
The bleach's not vegan but the "crazy coloured" Splat dyes are :)

So yeah. This hair dye job is Splat only.

The colours we used were: 
pink fetish
lusty lavender
aqua rush

We decided to experiment with Splat without mixing the dyes with conditioner.
When we've mixed splat with conditioner it was more of a "weak" dye than the other brands we've tried. So we had to know how "strong" the colour is by itself.
Answer is: really strong o////O

Splat was super effective.
We were amazed how dark our hairs turned out.
It was really cool but sadly I didn't feel like myself with dark hair.
This style suits my sis better.
But it was nice to try :)

I did feel like gothic girrrrrl :')
and I liked it :0

You can see that my bangs are so much more lighter.
It's the same blue as in the ends of my hair.

We learned that 
the more you rub Splat into your hair the darker it turns.

That being said
the more you rub Splat into your hair the longer it stays.

Also, Splat isn't the most forgiving dye.
When Ilar was doing the ombre part he touched the pink part so that after washing the hair a couple of times there's still a random splat, hehe.

It doesn't bother me at all. Just reporting ;)

You'll see Ilar's lovely hair in the next post :)

We really like Splat dyes
but they are not the easiest to use.

For next hair dye session we've been planning to 
experiment more with Splat + conditioner.
Maybe we're Splat experts after that 
^ - ^

These flies are waiting eagerly for Spring sunshine ^ 3 ^
...I guess it makes me a fly too then o_0;

Don't worry friends! 
There's no sign of snow in Turku anymore.
It's Sprrrinnnng :D

dress: black milk
leggings: black milk
lipstick: colour pop (mr blonde)
turtleneck: old
boots: moon boot (gift)


  1. Todella hieno hiusväri tässä! :)

  2. Hair and makeup are incredible!! SO magical <3 <3

    1. * w * aww! thank you <3 happy to hear that > w <

  3. love the dress! it's so magical!<3
    and...reading your post, I've been googling splat hair dyes, and heeey! it's kinda cheap! might wanna try it but noone sells it here;( international shipping is too much hassle in my country ugh...I'm planning to dye my hair dark blue next!or red???and your hair omg<333 too cute;_;

    1. Yay, thank you!! ^ 3 ^ <3

      aww too bad :< crazy colour and stargazer have quite a nice price too :) Red is pretty easy to dye as the first "crazy colour". You don't have to be platinum blonde to have gorgeous red or magenta hair ;D <3


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