Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Outfit: Squirrel friends + about my animation studies

These pics were taken a while back when it was still cold.
Now it's been soo hot * _ *;
and I llllove it :D
yay <3
(so yeah, that's why I'm wearing 3 long sleeved shirts...)

This is pretty much my "running late/I was lazy" outfit.
All my favourite easy picks in one:
mermaid leggings, beret, skater skirt, rainbow freckles, backpack...

But I'm still cute, right? ^ w ^

My traditional animation classes aren't nearly over yet.
So much to draw.
So many pages redrawn.

I've learned sooo much. I'm so grateful and so happy.
And you learn from your mistakes and by doing this over and over again.

But this was one of those days that it didn't feel like just saying to yourself 
"you are getting better, don't give up"
wasn't enough. 

Animating isn't something that you'd call rewarding.
Sometimes when things go surprisingly smoothly it feels amazing.
But most of the time it's like "it could look better..."

Movies are never ready when they are published.
You just have to let go and hope people like your "art".
There's always something that could be redone.

But I'm not making movies yet.
I'm just practicing.
And struggling.

Animating is more about technique than art.
It's kinda mathematic but not at all.
It's about mixing reality and cartoon rules.
It makes your brain hurt.
You've to focus 100% all the time on what you're doing because if not
you're ruining everything you've done so far and all that time in the past is wasted.

You have spent one whole day making one simple walk or head tilt
and when you get feedback... You have to spend another day redoing it.
Because it was not good enough.

And when it's finished...
You can use it in your show reel or throw it in the trash bin.

Because we are just practicing.

So yeah.
Today I didn't feel like I was good enough :'(

It's not a good attitude for an upcoming animator.
But I had Ilar to comfort me <3
Tomorrow I'm gonna try even harder and think positive! ò w ó

beret: old
horse brooch: gift
unicorn badge: gift (black milk)
shirt: old (benetton)
cardigan: old (oasis)
skirt: black milk
leggings: black milk
sneakers: secon hand (adidas by jeremy scott)
socks: gift
backpack: thrifted
lipstick: jeffree star (dirty money)


  1. What a beautiful outfit!
    And I'm practicing animation too!! :D So I know exactly how you feel. Hahaha
    Don't worry, all the work put into it will be worth the wait, and I can't wait to see some of your stuff!<3


    1. aww, Adi <3 ; w ; thank you for your kind comforting words.
      We can do it!
      and thank you ^ . ^

  2. awesome post <3

  3. Mahtavaa, et Muumi-sukat piristävät matkaa! :) Ja todella söpöjä eläinasusteita! ;)

    1. :D kyllä!!
      aww kiitos paljon ^ 3 ^

  4. Radness. I love your super cute furry bag. :3 Awesome sneakers!

    - Anna

    1. yay yay :D thank you, dear Anna!!

  5. AAAHHH;( totally feel u!!;( i really feel awful when i see things i did, that i could done better...but i'm too lazy to do a better job for it...yea...;_;that shucks...
    i really look up to animators*A*)/! you guys are doing a great job:^) i've ever wanted to become an animator! wanna make an anime, or cartoon, OR CARTOON BAND...but but but once i learned how hard it is...nah...i can't do that...that's why i really look up to animators:^)
    ;_; i once read the artist/illustrator-animator for gorillaz, jamie hewlett, to animate one music video of gorillaz, he needs 1-2 weeks...i to animator! YOU CAN DO IT!! >,<
    YOU'RE STILL CUUUUTE<3 >,< even your 'lazy' outfit looks really fab;_; i envy! x

    1. aww thank you so much ; A ; <3 you are such a sweet heart!
      I've learned to appreciate animators even more too. Hard work *__*;
      I've also learned to love anime's "lazy animating" especially those "key framed" characters (like victreebel in Pokémon when it attacks James :D). If I don't get good enough in animating... I want to be "anime key framer" when I grow up ;)

      Thank you sooo much, Rafa!! You always look so cute too ^ 3 ^ <3

  6. Thanks for the positive message! Hope the rest of your classes go by smoothly.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. ^ w ^ <3 Thank you, Dulce!
      one week to go, yay!! :D and it's looking good


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