Friday, 6 May 2016

Outfit: Rainbow juice Bear + Lind's Random Ramble about predictable people

 It's always a good day to dress up colourfully :)
 Yesterday I realized that it's so boring to be boring.
You know, as a person.
And by boring I mean predictable.

 Yesterday my parents visited us.
We hadn't seen them since xmas.
But still we could predict everything that they'd say and would happen.

Lets start with arriving here.
They said that they'd be here 2 PM.
They came at 4.
Because my brother wanted to change his car with my dad's...
Oh brother, so many precious memories with you and cars and never ending waiting...

 My mom just wanted to give us some food (which is always super nice! Thanks mom!)
and she said that we didn't have to clean up for them.
 But of course we did because she just lllloves to clean up.

And of course they spotted our glass jar collection.
"I can recycle those."
"You don't have to..."
And our plastic bottles.
"That's like 20€ worth of bottles! You need this Ikea bag to carry them"
"... pretty sure it's more than that"  

 We have a note to remind me to 
Dad: "You couldn't make a bigger note, could you."
Mom: "Are you hurt?"
And I didn't want to start talking about my birth control pills...

 Then my dad asks his favourite question:
"How about your summer job?"
And we tried to explain him that we're studying next summer.

You could see in his empty stare that he didn't understand a thing...

 Yeah... that happened.

 My dad did talk about Angry Birds which was so random and unpredictable.
I'm still pretty shocked 0 . o

 But you get the point, haha ;)
Yesterday was a good reminder:
always try your best not to be too predictable.
It makes you boring.
And boring is sooo boring ;)


shirt: second hand from ?? mom? grandma?
shorts: thrifted (+diy)
belt: thrifted
tights: old
badges: old (blippo etc)
carebear backpack: junkk yard (etsy)


  1. Ahhhh!!! predictable people!!!:-/ people in school is just like that,I even can bet my money on what they'll say/do because they're so predictable..ugh.
    and seeing your care bears backpack reminds me of my trip to thrift store last week!!:O there were so many care bears tee...but I didn't buy it and now i kinda feel guilty;_;
    you always match cute colors combination and i'm really envy of youuuu:< i love how the yellow mixed with pastel looks so cuuuute! and the shorts!! with the pins...OMG. the pins are kinda look like pins that people sells in elementary school lol^^AND THE BELT TOO!! I remember had belt like that too! (but not the same color!)^^

    1. D: noooo! that's so annoying.
      aww, I've never seen care bear tees! sounds awesome *.* maybe you'll find them again! I really hope so <3

      >w< but, Rafa! You are being too kind. Thank you so much!
      haha, yeah those pins are so old :D I decided they needed some love!
      yay, we're belt twins... well kinda :'D hehe <3


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