Thursday, 19 May 2016

Outfit: Koala Kombo

Koala's do not live in coniferous forests.

During this photo shoot session sun was being annoying as usual. It was a cloudy day and you know how much random lighting is welcomed to photo shoot session. 

We found a little spring pouring downhill from a forest lake.

Lake or pond more accurately was flooding a little because of melted snow.

Does Australia hava snow anywhere? I know New Zealand has snow tipped mountains but australia? Koalas in this shirt are so furry! Like tree sheep but bears and not really bears. Cute.

Sun strike! It sometimes did cute lighting like these but generally speaking.. No..


This running little stream made such cute noise. 

Koala posedown. Oooohhhh, so strong!

This koala is menacing! Like a big boy. Like a real bear!

hat: gift
jumper: mom's ^ . ^
dress: kumiko watari
leggings: black milk
koala backpack: thrifted
lipstick: colour pop (koala ;))

How's that koala attitude working out for you, Ilar?

First time Ilar got to use his newly thrifted Asian vest.

This is Ilar's first pink and current favourite vest. It fits him very well. 

Running Koala is a small brand from Turku. Yey!

This is what happens when sun goes out and all lighting is flat like a penny.
You can read his feeling about the sun at this moment.

All this koala attitude or "Koalaness" gets inside Ilar's head. 
Hopefully he doesn't become a real koala in the future. 
After all how much I love koala's I don't know would I like to live with one as much.
They've got anger issues...

beanie: running koala
recycle bag: running koala
vest: thrifted
shoes: irregular choice


  1. The koala is so cute and it's impressive how you have such unique finds! You must really have a discerning eye.

    1. ^ w ^ awww! thank you for this sweet comment, dear Kyris <3

  2. I am really loving the koala theme between you two! What a great location to shoot your photos even though the sun may not be cooperating. That koala top and bag are fantastic! I also like that asian vest!


    1. Happy to hear that, Rebecca :D <3 thank you!!

  3. Omfg. Cutest sweater ever. Holy sh*t! <333

    - Anna

    1. I'm such a big fan of your sweater collection * w * thank you!!! <3


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