Saturday, 21 May 2016

Outfit: Have you seen a cat with antlers?

We were supposed to take photos outside but... We forgot the camera *///,///*
Good thing it started raining!

It's bleached hair time! But don't worry, friends, I will never stay blonde.
Blonde looks creepy on me... Not in a cute way ;)

Our balcony serves it's purpose as a background sometimes. We should spend more time there.
Jackalope? No?
Catalope, yes?

Not many people know this but this is Hobgoblins panther. 
True story.

I was really happy how my colour combo worked out! ^ . ^

antlers + ears: diy
panther backpack: thrifted
dress: gift
leggings: black milk


  1. Supersöpö hattu! :) Tuntosarvet ois ihan tarpeen muutenkin... ;)

    1. kiitos :) jooo <3 tuntosarvet on ihania :DD

  2. Art personified. :D Radness. Super cute hat! <3

    - Anna

    1. ; w ; <3 thanks, Anna! you are awesome!!

  3. blonde looks cute on you;( aaa...bleaching hair...lately i've been thinking about whether or not to go to salon to bleach my hair, it's so expensive, but if i bleach my whole head i'm so scared that i might ruin it;_; balcony is like the bestest place on house besides bedroom! i love spending time on my balcony because i think it's so...calming? i wish that my balcony view is busy city view(like nyc!)... but na. neighborhood view is ok too;D THAT HAT IS DIY?!! IT'S SOOO CUTE:^) you gave me an idea to do DIYs from thrifted hats... but there are SOOO many pending DIY projects lolX)) xoxx

    1. aw I'm glad you think so * . * thank you <3
      yeah, Ilar has bleached his hair (years ago) in a salon and they burned it there D: so I recommend checking the place out before letting them touch your gorgeous hair ;) we bleach our hair at home and we use coconut oil to protect the hair from burning.
      balcony is such a dreamy place, I agree :D our view is just a forest, haha
      yay!!! can't wait to see you diy hats and diy everything!!!! >w< yeah, too many diy projects to finish ;D haha!


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