Friday, 27 May 2016

Outfit: Blue Cool

First year of movie/animation school has come to an end. 
We can focus on our summer studies. yey!

We're happy that in the future years (of studying) we should have more our own speciality courses (movie/animation)
instead of just general art legislation.

Doesn't Ilar look quite fine and slick?

Oh, and he has new hair too!
The hair cut reminds me of Pokémon's team galactic ^ 3 ^ <3
I think it's soooo cute!!

He's also very pleased with his new hair.
It's something darker and new!

Raindrops are so cutely shaped! Ilar thinks they're one of his favourites.

jacket: old
shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
shoes: Irregural choice 

It looks like my foot has been stuck in moss. It actually was
....a little.

It was evening and in Finland we've problems with spring/summer mosquitoes. 
Luckily, there was none and we could escape unharmed! They're so annoying!

Forest can really be cold in the evening!

I tried to match this outfit with my hair!
It's something that we do...

Eeyore was an obvious choice for my bag of the day ;)
Love Eeyore!


We played around with lighting a bit. It made my hair glow!

dress: old
sweater: thrifted
skirt: o mighty
leggings: black milk
backpack: thrifted

Look! A plane!

Happy weekend friends :D
Can't wait for summer (holidays).


  1. WOW, the hair! Congratulations finishing up your first year! Hooray!! :D

    1. aww, thank you for your kindness <3 ^ . ^

  2. SOOOO ENVY WITH YOU GUYS' HAIR >,< it's soooo cute! especially the raindrops detailing, gosh, making me wanna undercut my hair again lol (nononono my hair will be way too thin:)) ) that brooch Ilar wears is soooo cute>,< and the stripy shirt too! it's sooo cool n cute°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・
    and the detailing on your sweater is sooo cute<33 it looks like hand drawn? idk but it's soooo cute<3 and THE UNICORN SKIRT OMG HEAVENLY CUTIE<3°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・

    1. we love your hair too <3 > w < and thank you sooo much, super happy to hear that <3

      oh yeah, it does look hand drawn! :D but unfortunately it's not.
      you are the sweetest! thank youuuu, Rafa!! ^ 0 ^ <3


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