Wednesday, 25 May 2016

New video: Edward the Booble + Story..?

Moomin saga continues!
This video was quite different experiment what it comes to it's style. Let's see how you like it.. :D
Fourth video of our Moomin outfit series! Edward the Booble, the tired lonesome dragon. Edward often tries to find good places to bathe. You can see it in it's eyes... Slowly...



I've been invested on my scripts lately and thus haven't written anything serious here for a while.
I thought to myself; what would you like to hear and came to a conclusion that I tell you a story.
But what story? Fiction? Or reality?
Fiction has always been a my thing really. I come up with fictive story way faster than something real that happened to me lately. I of course have a lot of myself and real life events and incidents dramatizated in my fictive stories (as it should). You can't really create any art that is honestly yours if you don't put piece of yourself to it.
Maybe I write something something.... First thing that pops up to my mind....
Sky is damp and grey.
 It has been raining for days. Grass is soaking wet and ground soft. Unpleasant.
There's nothing to see but grass and lonely tree here and there.
Suddenly, Thump, splash. Thump, splash. Sound in the distance.
Red shoe swallows more water on every step. Thump, splash! Thump, splash!
 Thump... It stops. Purple eyes, revealing reflection within. There's a horse laying on the grass.
Shoes, closing on horse. They don't make a sound no more. Have they come to see mother?
Horse is badly injured. Dying. Trees are mocking; leaves still vibrant, green.
Shoes caress the horse for a while. They want to help horse.
Shoes kick horse. Horse neighs in agony. Shoes kick horse again. It stings. One more time and horse is up. Horse is jumping around aggressively. Purple eyes dilate. Horse kicks back.´Thump! Splash!
Wall. Horse sees it and runs towards it but when making a contact with it horse explodes.
Blood sprays everywhere. Through the splatter we can figure a silhouette of a horse. Blood drains on the wall, slowly reaching towards ground.
 There's now a painting on the wall. It's a valiant woman besides the valiant horse.
Sky is clear. It doesn't rain anymore.
This metaphorical story came up to mind when I though about weather.
Is it strange? What's it about? Why did I feel need to write this story?
What's is this post anyway? Hopefully you wanted to see the video because this is NoNseNse!

-A R T I N T E R V E N T I O N?!


  1. JUST WATCHED THE VIDEO AND..................I'm really envy of the video quality, i mean, it's so good!!!! i love high quality videos, the camera movements<333 omg

    1. Thank you so much Rafa :) We're getting upgraded equipment in near future so expect really much better camera movements by then :D


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