Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Birthday Moomin swag

Here's short post about our new Moomin swag Lind received for her birthday present.
(Her bday was over a month ago:))

Ancestor plate was from me. I fell in love with it and absolutely wanted us to have it!
Print is so charming and whimsical. I love the colour combo all though I am not biggest black fan.
There was same print on other products such as mug as well. Sadly, these are moderately expensive
otherwise I'd had bought them all. There was just so many cute mugs, plates etc..
The ancestor is so naughty! I like the mug print where it has flipped the painting around.
 Such a meanie!

 Lind didn't expect this kind of present so she was pleasantly surprised :D

Lind also got two kitchen towels from her mom.
Here's first towel front and back.
Sniff, Moomintroll and Snufkin find a Hobgoblin's hat. It's a magic hat.
 Picture is so pretty. I love the composition and the atmosphere of mystery in this one. 
I especially love how Sniff is composed with birds. Birds, Snufkin and clouds relations are stellar. You can sense the wind up there at the mountain. It's really lonely up there. Really cool. 
I prefer top, the white side more but the bottom one....

The black side is reversed all around and in this one you can clearly see how everything flips around and looks sort of twisted. In this one I love this almost demonic feeling. The flavour totally changes;
Mystic becomes sinister. It feels like just as clouds and birds sense the disturbing feeling the hat gives and flee for their lives. This drawing raises the question: who Hobgoblin really is... A demonic force maybe? It's funny to see how everything changes just simply flipping the picture. 
By the way... Do not touch that hat.

Here's second towel. Moomin (pappa?)is
fishing and hedgehog is drinking milk with it's kawaii snout.
Here I like the blackside (bottom picture) more. The white side is cute but feels a lot more hollow and distant. It fits the drawing well though. 
I like the intense face of that hedgehog. It's amazing!

In this bottom drawing the day shifts to night. It creates a story in a way.. Lonely one. Moomin(pappa?) is still fishing hoping to catch something he never will never catch. I think the nightly atmosphere fits the purpose picture is creating to me better. It's more cinematic to me.
I remember noticing the baby hedgehogs first time at this black dominated colour scheme. They're so cute. Especially the last one of the pack. I prefer the upper hedgehog parent though.

What do you think? Tell us your opinion about these prints and what they make you feel.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy belated bday to Lind :)
    The towels are too precious for words! I like how they tell a story, truly whimsical!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. They truly are really special kind. :D We love them.


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