Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tom of Finland, the Gay God we salute you (Note: Contains naughty material)

We both like Tom of Finland (aka Touko Laaksonen) a lot. He was so influential to Western gay culture (and thus human rights in general) when it was still punishable as a crime. Tom's art was very pornographic and often was about two (or more) muscular men having sex with each other. Men
often are represented in masculine uniforms such as soldier, lumberjack, policeman or sailor.

We have gathered some stuff that support Tom of Finland foundation and lately I bought Lind a book which contains all of Tom's Kake (eng. Mike) comics.

...And Tom's scrapbook... :D Leathery..

Kake was Tom's main protagonist mustached, very masculine man who usually was dressed very sexually such as biker, soldier, etc. In comics Kake often ended up molesting or having spontaneous sex with other muscular men. They're really funny.

Momma isn't pleased with her son's... Company...

 Of course because the comics are so straight out pornographic they're considered as porn but they aren't needed to read as such to appreciate them. Sexuality isn't something that
needs to be taken dead serious business. Why couldn't it be fun as well.
Tom of Finland wanted to make his comics fun, something liberal and advanced.
He wanted to open minds and promote acceptance to different people.
We agree with him. Sex (or even porn) is not supposed to be just serious all the time.
Something with only one level of enjoyment. Why it's so hard to accept different people?
  Even simple concept of sexuality is not for everyone. Why would it ever bother someone beats me.


Here's our Tom of Finland bag, that you've might seen around. ;)

Bag is bought from Finlayson. Finlayson has same print on bedsheets, towels, pillow cowers etc. Imagine falling sleep on one of these. I recommend.

The badge you've seen on my jacket is from Helsinki comic book festivals. 2 years ago they had gay theme, because it was Tom of Finland's anniversary year.
Kiitos paljon Tom of Finland (eng. Thank you very much Tom of Finland)

 Same year Tom of Finland themed stamps were printed. Some people didn't like them and sued the company printing them. Stamps aren't too naughty at all.Company won however, claiming that stamps were tribute to one of Finland's most notable artists of all time.
Justice was done!

(Side note: Lind bought me a "spank me" heart shaped butt badge to remind of her. I love it! <3)

There's a short 10 minute documentary about Tom of Finland.
It narrates the story behind the Tom of Finland with interview of Durk Dehner, Tom's close friend, muse and president of Tom of  Finland foundation.
We recommend!

They've been making a film in Turku in honor of Tom.
It's a fictive biography of Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland and
how it was to be gay on 50s-70s in Finland
(there was quite harsh punishments for gay people those times).
Sadly, production stopped for a while because funding ended.
They've means to continue production as soon they get regular funding.

Here's trailer for the movie

And here's a teaser!

Hope you liked, them! Tell us what you think about Tom. Have you heard about him before?
Thank you for reading this post!



  1. The bag's prints is so cute>,< I really like unique printed things lol>,<
    And that badges collection is such cute thingies, especially the spank me badges!>,<

    1. Thank you! :) I really like them too! ^^

  2. I have always loved Tom of Finland. I went to Cosy bar in Copenhagen in the seventies and adored those leathermen. They treated me like something the cat dragged in. I did not mind!


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