Saturday, 30 April 2016

Outfit: Tutti Frutti Neon Princess

I love tutti frutti!
Ilar asked me what the flavour of tutti frutti really is..?
I said I didn't know :( It's just yummy.

We drank some super yummy fruit juice the other day.
Then we realized it was tutti frutti.

I remembered the Italian word tutti from my piano lessons...
You don't have to believe that I played the piano 
because my impressive pianist career ended when I broke my tiny little arm.

It was a sad end to my two years of playing the piano.

In finnish tutti means pacifier. 

Here's my tutti frutti makeup!
It could have been better but it was nice to experiment ^ - ^;

Finnish people are celebrating vappu this weekend.
This party is all about drinking in public.

We are celebrating vappu by hiding in safe in our lovely little home.
These pics weren't taken today... It's too dangerous out there.

beret: thrifted
sweater: thrifted
bag: yiddish chutzpah
horse brooch: gift
roller brooch: tatty divine
leggings: black milk
shoes: moon boot
lipstick: colour pop (mr blonde)


  1. tutti frutti reminds me of my childhood! yea! it's the flavor of my childhood.. I remember eating yellow colored bubble gum with tutti frutti flavor and wearing bubbles from PPG perfume with tutti frutti scent<3!
    the roller blades brooch is soooo cute<33it's pink<3and transparent<3 the epitome of cute<3
    aaaahh i've been searching for vintage disney thingy in thrift shop...but can't find any;( that sweater is the cutest !! and the collar:^)omg
    I've always jealous of you being able to take pic on forest...idk why but your forests looks so magical! forest here just....basic creepy. ;_;
    <33 x

    1. Aww that's so nice :D childhood memories are so sweet! Oh yeah, tutti frutti scents are soooo lovely! I had a dragon toy who smelled like tutti frutti too ^w^
      Thank you so much >w< you are always so kind!!! Hope you'll be able to find Disney stuff as soon as possible! òwó

      aww it's so lovely to hear your opinion about Nordic forests :D I'm happy that you like this one! we're still waiting for the leaves to comeback. I'd love to visit tropical forests!! <3 loved the butterfly pictures in your blog :D

  2. Super cute look!~
    Love your beret<3


    1. Thank you so much, Christy! ^ v ^ <3

  3. This is such a look!!!
    ♡ Dulce


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