Friday, 15 April 2016

Outfit: Mrs Hemulen

 This is my version of Hemulen the flower collector 
(from the Moomins ^w^ )

 The Hemulen is obsessed with flowers and nothing else.
I really like the type of people Hemulens represent in the Moomin stories 
(it's especially obvious in the books!).

Shortly they are the conservative mainstream but with a melancholic twist.

 Mrs Hemulen would definitely wear a floral bra! :D
(Mine is a camisole but you're free to imagine it as a bra...)


 We call the shade of this skirt 
"Hemulen's lavender".

 A cute way to carry your drawings around.

Black rose. Mr Hemulen has those as well.

beret: thrfited
shirt: thrfited
skirt: ebay


  1. Love the hanging flower on the wall<3 It's sooo cute and sweet:3
    and I really love seeing the color in this outfit:3 kinda matches your blog background image:3 and the green:3 It's so cute:3
    Ahhh you're the epitome of cute!!! And also...I thought you wore a tropical-ish bra:)) turns out it's a camisole!
    Idk why but seeing your outfit kinda reminds me of kindergarten kids...Berets, suspender skirt, and that bag! I reeally love the bag>< I had a briefcase-like bag back in kindergarten, with crayon sinchan pic XD xx

    1. A kindergarten kid! Aww that's such a big compliment to me :D thank you so much >w< <3 and awww!!! you must have looked super adorable. I just wore those oversized 90's jumpers and had the longest braids :'D

      ; // w // ; aww, I'm blushing here!! reading your sweetest comment!! you are being to kind to me <3 Thank you, my friend <3 <3 You are so nice!! >w< aww!!

  2. As usual this outfit is just creative and cute without being too much.
    I think the suspender skirt is nice and I have one like it too in black, it's so cute!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Kyris!! that's so lovely to hear ^ v ^
      oh wow! it must look amazing on you :D <3

  3. I'm really digging this look!<3
    The lavender and soft baby blue combination is perfect!


    1. Yay happy to hear that ^ . ^ <3
      Thank you so much, Adi!

  4. This so perfect. It's hard for me to pinpoint my favorite part of outfit. Everything is so great. I'm loving that bag!

    - Anna

    1. >w< you are too kind!!! so happy to hear that yay <3 thank you, lovely Anna!! :D


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