Sunday, 10 April 2016

Outfit: Melting Spring

 This is my Spring outfit.

 It has been randomly snowing and raining. Lovely!
I'm still using my furry winter coat 
because it's always soo frickin frappin cold when I'm leaving school.

 I don't have to wear my coat at school anymore tho!
It's wonderful :D makes me happy.

Normally (when it's Winter) I don't even take my hat off at school.
I'm always too cold. Even with 4 layers of jumpers. 
I know, I'm weak :'(

- , -
I hope this isn't my basic expression...
Hehe... Heh!

Angelic worm at your service.


Seal is looking happy... 
A bit too happy even.

Is the water too cold for these fish?

 "Winter is my jam" said the little Seal.

hat: old (from kid's section)
furry coat: boohoo
leggings: black milk
dress: black milk
sweater: thrifted
shoes: moon boot
baby seal back pack: thrifted
badges: pointy pins
mittens: ?
scarf: ??

Merry Spring-mas everyone!


  1. Todella söpö reppu! :) Ja harmi tavallaan, että takkikausi on ohi, koska tuo tekoturkki on todella kotoisan näköinen!

    1. Kiitos, kirppu :D <3
      olen vielä pitänyt karvatakkia ulkona, koska olen hirveä vilukissa, mutta tänään tuntui jo läkähdyttyvän kuumalta... pitää varmaan jättää hyvästit kivatakkikaudelle :'<

  2. Aaah<33 spring! as a person who never taste how winter feels like, I really love winter and snow...but I don't really like freezing...and for summer...I hate heats...I love spring and fall!<3 the place is so magical...and beautiful..I wish we have place like that...(We actually have, but i'd freak out because i feel so unsafe outside:)) )

    You wear stripeys and It's soooo cuteee<333 >.<
    Btw, that backpack...kinda reminds me of the backpack i used to have in my childhood...It was a turtle backpack..I wish I still have it!!>.<


    1. haha! yeah it's funny, I wish I lived in a warm country with no winter but I know I couldn't survive the heat :'D I'm a vampire you know.
      You should visit the Alpes :D It's not freezing cold there but there's a lot of beautiful snow <3 I love Alpes *.*

      Thank you, Rafa! <3 Aww that backpack sounds the cutest!! I do wish too that you still had it! sounds way too awesome >.<

  3. Love that coat and your baby seal :)
    ♡ Dulce


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