Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Outfit: light faded Yellow and Yellow

Yellow was my first favourite colour ever.
Yellow made a comeback to my favourites a couple of years ago.

But I think orange is taking yellows place in my heart little by little...
We shall see ó . o

I've got to admit that we are good friends with Haribo nowadays ^ - ^

Of course we had to...
This picture is so creepy to me even * A *

We've been watching Pokémon (the 1st season) lately.
Ilar fell in love with Primeape :D
So cute and angry!

I really don't like non-matte lipsticks any more
but they are so easy to remove... Makes me happy :D

Lucy (from Peanuts) is so awesome! Love her!
Girl power <3

hat: running koala
Haribo backpack: thrifted
shirt: ilar's
collar: thrifted
Peanuts badge: thrifted
adventure time badge: pointy pins (etsy)
skirt: hello sweetie store
tights/socks: ...


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  2. Yellow is such a happy color :)
    I still love Pokémon!! It's been so long but, I want to watch it again :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. I agree :D yay!!
      Happy to hear that <3 Oh yeah, you should too :D we've had so much fun watching it!!


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