Thursday, 28 April 2016

Outfit: Jelly lil Punk

 It's time for me to admit 
that I had a punk phase too as a teen.
Yeah that happened.
I listened to the Clash (Ilar listened to Ramones :'D )
and because I have always been an annoying hipster 
I tried listening to French punk too :'DD

 It's sooo understandable for teens to get excited about punk music.
Because you start questioning (and hate) authorities.  

It's awesome and something that you should never be ashamed of
but to us it has always been just a teenage phase.

 It's so weird when there are people who still say that their 3 favourite bands are 
Sex Pistols, the Clash and Ramones < __ <
And they are in their early twenties of course...

We believe in that Punk is dead.
What there's left is Anarchy.

 Anarchy is something that can be seen in everything:
dressing up, way of life, diet, stories...

There's this film festival in Helsinki called Love & Anarchy.
We love the message in its name!
We try our best to live that way. 
The Moomins are all about love & anarchy too <3

 Why (original) Punk is dead to us?
Because it's nothing but memories of 70's teens/kids youth anymore.
You should read Ulli Lust's comic Today is the last day of the rest of your life.
It's amazing. I cried. 
It's about her running away from home over the boarder of Austria to Italy
with a random punk girl. And their experience on living on the streets of Italy.
Wow, it must be the best comic book ever made.

To a 90's kid it's like a fantasy because adventures like that are pretty much impossible for us...
 the world has changed so much.
But yeah.
 Punk has been evolving ever since.
I'm not sure what "punk kids" are nowadays but 
they were Scene when we were young ;) haha!

We can't live like original punks back then 
but we can create or own "punk".
Anarchy will never die.

 Punk has affected different clothing styles too of course.
I'm not a "punk" but sometimes I like my clothes rough.
This outfit could be described as rainbow kawaii punk :D haha!

I found this cute earring in a forest when I was a teen.
And I kept it .___.
It was too cute to be left behind. I had to adopt it. 

 This is Antti Asplund's cross.
The design is so beautiful.
It's my treasure.


 This lipstick (which is the best matte lipstick ever made and it's vegan!)
is called Dirty Money. Love the name.
Money is always dirty. It makes me sad :<

 I hope this post wasn't too political or something to you friends!
It's just our opinions and nothing to be taken too seriously :) <3
Remember that it's always okay to disagree!!


 tank: mr gugu and miss go (ilar's)
short: thrifted + diy
cross necklace: antti asplund 
furry collar: make me loco (etsy)
(candy earring: mystery)
legwear: ?? + old
lipstick: jeffree star (dirty money)


  1. This punk look is great. Love that shade of lipstick and those shorts!
    ♡ Dulce

  2. Great post & amazing outfit ♥ The tank top is so pretty !

    1. super happy to hear that ^ w ^ <3 thank you, rabbit <3

  3. Radness. The personification of punk. The very first word that came to mind when I looked at this was, "punk." Haha. You nailed it! <3

    - Anna

    1. oh wow *///.///*
      Yayay so happy to hear that Y (^ w ^) Y <3 <3

      Thank you so much, Anna <3

  4. Gorgeous. Love this set. layers, ponytails, green hair, mid-drift, jellyfish, sushi and all the pictures.

    1. :D yay!!!
      thank you so much, Carlton! ^____^ b
      glad you like it!!

  5. I think the outfit is interesting and has a unique take on a punk style. Never listened to french punk music before, but I do enjoy some french music. ^^;

    1. That's so lovely to hear, especially from you :D
      thank you, Kyris!!

      French is such a pretty language ^-^

  6. Aaahh<33 rainbow kawaii punk describes your outfit this time^q^)/ I LOVE THE CLASH!!!!<3333 PAUL SIMONOOOONNN^a^omg
    I saw paul simonon playing bass with gorillaz and 'WHEE THIS MAN IS SO DAMN COOL WEARING STRIPES AND LEATHER OMG'and that's how I started liking the clash and striped tee!^^ my fav song from them is guns of brixton and london calling^q^)/
    and and and and that furry choker IS THE BEST OMG

    1. Thank you so much >//w//<
      aww that's so cute :D it's always super lovely when someone is able to inspire other people to dress up a specific way <3 it's so wonderful!!
      and you look so cute in striped shirts!! ^.^


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